Japan-based link network busted by Google for manipulating website relevancy

Looks like a few link networks in Japan just got caught attempting to buy some influence through PageRanker™ (Google PR is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page’s relevance or importance) by buying, selling and trading links. What this does is to artificially inflate the number of visits to particular websites to make it appear those websites are more important than other sites usually related to a websites ability to make money. When people do Google searches for specific websites (product sales) these links can be manipulated to make it appear there are a higher number of visits to these links. Think of url links as votes, the more the votes the more important (profitable) the website is (website relevance). PageRanker™ remains a very important part of Google. Link networks are very important in online SEO rankings. The bottom line here is converting rankings to profit. A basic description would be a url link through websites, blogs or embedded articles in a network as a group of sites that are all connected. These sites can be owned by one person or multiple people and most people don’t like them because they manipulate search engines.

Busted by: Google.


Source: Search Engine Land

Google Has Penalized A Link Network In Japan

After being quiet for over a year on link network penalties, Google says it has penalized a large, Japanese-based link network.

by Barry Schwartz

February 5, 2016

Japan caught manipulating GoogleThis morning, on the Google Japanese Webmaster Blog, Google announced it has targeted a link network in Japan for using practices against the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Specifically, the link network was trying to artificially inflate the PageRank and trust factors of websites through buying, selling and trading links with the sole intent of ranking higher in Google’s search results.

The translated version, via Google Translate, of the blog post reads:

As part of this effort, Google this time, in order to operate illegally search result link program has undergone a countermeasure against some of the site network of the Japanese had done the buying and selling of participating in the link. Among this is because it was also included sites that repeatedly Webmaster Guidelines violation, was subjected to severe measures than normal in some cases.

In addition, we tell even before, there seems to be the case that measures would be carried out, such as violation of the Webmaster Guidelines in place without the knowledge of the webmaster. Previously it introduced the example of SEO firms, but it seems there is also be generated by the outsourcing of such advertising not only SEO skilled in the art. In order to prevent this, the webmaster you we recommend that you check from time to time and see whether subcontractors are doing what measures.

The last time Google officially confirmed hitting a link network with a penalty was back in November 2014, when Google targeted a Polish-based link network. Google did take action on many link networks back in 2014 but has focused more of their attention, at least communication-wise, on mobile spam and redirects.

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