One bite of the sweetest part of the strawberry and the rest is trashed

strawberries in JapanStrawberry farmers in Japan have growing strawberries down to an exact science. In the Chihibu region where there are many strawberry farms most of the strawberries are grown in large greenhouses. Customers visiting these strawberry farms can pay a fee and then for 90 minutes (tabe hodai) can pick strawberries to eat while walking through the greenhouses. At several strawberry farms, owners have been reporting that visitors to their strawberry farms pay a fee of ¥1,400 to pick and eat strawberries. They are also reporting that visitors to the farms pay the ¥1,400, then while picking what they think are the best strawberries with the deepest red color, bite the sweetest part of the berry throwing the rest away in garbage buckets wasting most of the strawberry.

Vistoers take one bite of the sweetest part then throw the rest of the strawberry away

Visitors take one bite of the sweetest part then throw the rest of the strawberry away

So these farmers spend the entire growing season carefully cultivating and growing the most incredibly delicious strawberries only to have their beautiful strawberries picked for a pittance?  Then watch as visitors trash most of the strawberries they pick to eat inside the greenhouses? One more better reason why people should grow their own food if they want to eat, or at least respect the farmers and those who are less fortunate who have never eaten strawberries like they are grown in greenhouses in the Chichibu region of Japan. Just imagine the owners of these strawberry farms for a small fee, allow people from Tokyo to waste strawberries these farmers have spent so much time and energy raising during the summer and autumn months in their green houses? ¥1,400 is a pittance for the amount of strawberries being wasted like this.