The healthier squatting to dump has been replaced with choked rectums and warm water jets

Crouch and shitCorporate Japan has positioned itself as the world’s cleanliest country with high standards of hygiene and cleanliness which there is no doubt considering the high consumption of water and hot baths (onsen) throughout Japan. Electronic toilets with warm water jets have according to corporate Japan, “revolutionized the image of toilets“, once considered “unclean and impure”.  A “better image” of taking a dump (free yourself from impurity or corruption) yes, but what are the health risks?

Today, toilets in Japan have become a “symbol of cleanliness” that are becoming increasingly recognized around the world. The toilets in Japan like in the image above were at one time predominant, have pretty much disappeared except in train stations and public toilets. These toilets where you squat to participate in anal discharging events, are kept for people who prefer squatting. Shipments of the Toto Washlet (check out this super Toto model the S350e), a huge hit for a toilet product becoming “synonymous with high-tech toilets” and “clean crapping”, has surpassed 40 million units sold as of 2015. Most of the 40 million electric high tech toilets have been purchased by Chinese who seem to be obsessed with these types of toilets manufactured by Toto with advanced bidet capabilities. Something like 77.5 percent of homes in Japan are now equipped with one of these high tech electric (along with increased household electric consumption) toilets where a warm jet of water is sprayed into the rectal area to clean up the mess after defecating.

thinkingNow we need to do a little thinking here about why the types of toilets where you have to squat down with your knees pressed up against your chest to defecate, have been discarded in favor of “modern” toilets where you sit to crap with your thighs parallel to the floor with your lower legs at a 90 degree angle to your thighs and your feet flat. The concept of having a “clean crapping experiencing” with streams of warm pulsating water sprayed into the rectum seems to have replaced the far more healthy way to defecate by simply squatting to defecate very quickly. With these “western toilets” instead of toilets where you squat, people spend around 92 days on the toilet during an average lifetime. It is far more healthy to relax the sphincter while squatting to get your crappy business done as soon as possible, clean up then get off the toilet. Imagine shaving 30 days off that average of 92 days sitting on a toilet during your life? As it turns out, it is far healthier to squat.

rectum muscleWe are designed to squat to defecate so let’s not fool ourselves. Most people pull their pants down, or skirts up, and sit on a toilet to defecate without ever once considering the stress that is exerted on the sphincter. The tension and strain on the puborectalis muscle chokes the rectum. So millions of Chinese people will be defecating putting stress and tension on their puborectalis muscle with their new Toto S350e techno toilets. At least what Toto could do is to have offered an optional stool to place the body in a more healthy squatting position while going to work in the bathroom. We have all experienced constipation and being frustrated at not being able to clean out the lower intestine in an anal discharge event. Toto corporate profits over healthy crapping and as usual another image from corporate Japan: “cleanliness while crapping”.

squat to shitI’ve often wondered what a “western toilet” means? If there is a “western toilet”, does that by logic mean there is an eastern toilet? What about a Middle East or a Far Eastern toilet?  I defecate on a “western toilet” – with a stool.  Like having a bowel movement on a “western toilet” in the east? If you go to strenuous work on a “western toilet” you aren’t defecating properly, that’s what scientists at the Pelvic Floor Clinic, at Stanford University, are saying.  Our bodies are created in such way that makes it more natural for us to squat while we do our business, rather than to sit. The squatting position is the perfect posture for defecating with the thighs pressed firmly into the abdomen. It is best to either buy or make your own stool so that you can relieve yourself in a squatting position using a “western toilet.” And don’t forget the warm jet of pulsating water.


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