Chill out Japan, Russia just gave your country a possible peaceful solution to the Kuril Islands

This obscure little video posted below suddenly went — what’s the internet lingo? “Viral”? Must have watched it a couple of times now. A few choice insights between all the laughs. These videos seem to be the new type of trendy videos being put out by the junior monkeys.  As this video clip is viewed, keep in mind it was HSBC Bank (drug king-pin bank on the global drug trade and money laundering) that financed Japan to fight a war against Russia in the Russo-Japanese War. It was Dave “the ship jumper” Cameron’s (the pig f–ker) great grandfather Ewen Cameron, who originated HSBC Bank on the opium trade out of China. HSBC was referred to as the “Bank of Opium”. And it was David Cameron’s other great-great grandfather who was in Chicago during the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. All the friggin’ grain bins got torched and Alexander Geddes made his fortune on ‘puts’ and ‘options’ on grain deals. His papers were in the safe that he took back to Scotland with him which he used to buy the Blairmore House. A long and illustrious history of looting and pillaging.

Our suggestion Japan is to chill out since it looks as though Russia’s Sergey Lavrov just gave your country an opportunity for a  peacefully negotiated settlement over the Kuril Islands. You had a reporter there when without notes, Sergey Lavrov addressed the international media and specifically made several choice comments to the reporter from Japan with the media at Russia’s yearly event. Sure hope you accept Russia’s offer? And then after seeing Japan’s head of its central bank, Haruhiko Kuroda’s almost losing composure with the press the other day, kind of makes people think Japan is still following this long tradition depicted in the clip below. Recent Central Bank of Japan (based on the central Bank of England model) QE policy (designed by Richard Werner, a German economist and professor) nails even further a few points made in the clip below which the Oxford-educated Haruhiko Kuroda continues at the BoJ.

Mr. Kuroda, Richard Werner even said himself that central banks which he has documented intentionally impoverish their host countries to justify economic and legal changes which allow looting by foreign interests. So what foreign interests is Japan being pillaged for? Sort of feel sorry for Mr. Kuroda though, he is looking pretty dejected and down recently. Guy must be under enormous pressure. One more reason for Japan to go back and listen to Sergey Lavrov’s remarks given on the 26th of January in Moscow, and if needed get it translated to Japanese. Hopefully that reporter from Japan already did? And pass it on to the LDP would you? Hopefully before Mr. Abe leaves for Russia later this year.

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