Japan’s television “talento” Becky ratted out and she loses her radio job as well

Becky scandalThe obvious grip producers have on television talento in Japan, more recently with Becky who was exposed after it was revealed she was in a relationship with the married Enon Kawatani, 27, the vocalist of the popular band Gesu no Kiwami Otome, news of which broke in early January is pretty apparent. While Becky is getting hammered for destroying her “girl next door” image in Japan, this Kawatani character has disappeared and isn’t appearing in the media for his part. The television talento industry executives spend a lot of money and time developing these television personalities they do for people like Becky and their male dominated biased attitudes are clearly evident in Becky’s case. It’s like that young 17 year-old Japanese girl who wrote a book some years ago describing how it was males in the publishing industry who were behind female high school student’s skirts getting shorter and shorter every year.

She is also an MC for a regular Tokyo FM radio program, but it was reported yesterday she will be losing this job as well.  The producers and executives of Sun Music Production Corp. want their pound of flesh I guess. And the real irony with Becky’s television image that of being “exotically beautiful” and “pure”, is that the entertainment industry in Japan is controlled by the Yakuza. While many have sympathy for Becky including myself, it is astonishing (well maybe not so astonishing) to see how vindictive and nasty people in the industry have been towards her. And this says nothing of the appalling state of gender inequality in Japan as in the case of Becky. Becky no longer has a career while this will all blow over for the married Enon Kawatani. The hypocrisy too in Japan where there is so much emphasis placed on ending “ijime” (school and work place harassment) seems to have been completely forgotten considering the treatment of Becky in the media and entertainment industry. These people really have no compassion do they? When these young people want to go into the entertainment business it should come as no surprise how exploited they are for money and fame. And this says nothing of the little midget at Shukan Bunshu who ratted Becky out.

Seems to me if you are going to fuck around on the side here’s a warning. Your digital footprint just as in the case of the “Yokohama flim-flam man” in Tokyo, Gregory Gumo, who is implicated in the death of Mariko Akitaya, you are going to reveal yourself at some point on the internet. News of Becky’s rumored affair broke in the January 7th issue of Shukan Bunshu magazine, which revealed it had seen LINE messages in which Enon Kawatani reportedly said “he wanted to marry Becky if he could divorce his wife”. What a child, and now Kawatani has disappeared unlike Becky who is taking the wrath. Becky and Kawatani are said to have spent Christmas eve together and New Year with Kawatani’s family in Nagasaki after which photos of the couple started appearing in tabloids.

So the question is how did Shukan Bunshu obtain messages sent by Kawatani to Becky through the online application LINE? Could have been anybody because young people with smart phones and access to applications like LINE are exposing themselves to this type of exposure. Shukan Bunshu is really a shit gossip magazine and what is really appalling is how easily it can destroy careers. The only question here is was Becky relieved the story was broke in Shukan Bunshu? There is an enormous amount of public interest in this case and over 1,000 Japanese called the TV network within ten minutes after the story went public complaining. Maybe Becky was tired of her life being so micro-managed to the point it was under constant 24 hour scrutiny. When the story broke about the LINE message between them the media hunted them down for pictures of them being together.

となりのトトロ – Fukase and Enon Kawatani