Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny gets hammered by Red FM’s Neil Prenderville

Here is the kind of crap people in various nations are forced to tolerate with criminal saprophytes running governments like Enda Kenny, an Irish Fine Gael politician, who has been the Taoiseach (prime minister) of Ireland unfortunately since 2011. What’s with the Irish hey? They call their prime minister “taoiseach.” Listen to Neil Prenderville of RED FM radio interview ā€” more like take on ā€” Enda Kenny. Kenny is seeking re-election as the prime minister to continue his legacy of “broken promises, banker bailouts and neoliberal [resource theft] gloss”. Sure would like to see a Japanese politician face an interview like this for once in Japan with any television or radio personality with guts enough. These slimy politicians offer nothing the producers want or need and I guess it is the same no matter what country you find yourself in.

Enda Kenny : The Interview From Hell