The marginalization of news from Japan as the western “bad cop” and “good cop” soften the blows

"Listen you little runt, we want you and your LDP lackeys to do exactly what we want or else, got it?"

“Listen you little runt, don’t give me any back talk, we want you and your LDP lackeys to do exactly what we want or else, got it?”

It seems apparent Japan’s “foreign policy” and national self-interests are not in its own hands, and that the country of Japan is being used by the Anglo-Americans to further its military objectives in the region of the Pacific. Japan for the most part, acts like the corporate junk yard dog for the Anglo-American power structure. This is evident when unelected American diplomats arrive in Japan who the Japanese themselves have never heard of before. One such unelected American “diplomat” is Richard Armitage who represents the Anglo-American cabal in Japan. Going all the way back to the Vietnam War, Armitage was involved in the assassination program used in Vietnam known as Operation Phoenix and served four tours in Vietnam between 1967 and 1973. Who volunteers for four tours of war? Four profitable tours securing drug trade routes, setting up dummy corporations and structuring banks to launder money.

To run the Operation Phoenix covert operation it required millions of dollars and was responsible for ultimately assassinating thousands of people by the end of the Vietnam War. The funds that were disbursed from what was then, a secret Laotian-based pool of funds, far exceeded any funds required to run the assassination program.  The fund was known as the Vang Pao opium fund, where vast amounts of money were siphoned off used to finance all kinds of clandestine operations. Armitage himself was involved in training operatives in ambush techniques for these assassinations. Armitage was a specialist in secret operations beginning in Vietnam including right up until the present time. This is the same guy who was in Japan up until just recently giving instructions to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the LDP? According to an affidavit prepared by the American lawyer Daniel P. Sheehan, (Sheehan has been involved in every aspect of America’s CIA drug running probably to run interference) Richard Armitage was also involved with opium sales drug money used in black operations conducted not only in Southeast Asia, but later in Iran:

From 1977 until 1979, Armitage remained in Bangkok opening and operating a business named The Far East Trading Company. This company had offices only in Bangkok and in Washington, D.C. This company was, in fact, from 1977 to 1979, merely a “front” for Armitage’s secret operations conducting Vang Pao opium money out of Southeast Asia to Tehran and the Nugen-Hand Bank in Australia to fund the ultra right-wing, private anti-communist “anti-terrorist” assassination program and “unconventional warfare” operation of Theodore Shackley‘s and Thomas Cline’s “Secret Team“. During this period, between 1975 and 1979, in Bangkok, Richard Armitage lived in the home of Hynnie Aderholdt the former Air Wing Commander of Shackley’s “Special Operations Group” in Laos who, between 1966 and 1968, had served as the immediate superior to Richard Secord, the Deputy Air Wing Commander of MAG / SOG. Secord, in 1975, was transferred from Vietnam to Tehran, Iran.

On March 23, 2001 Richard Armitage after being recommended in a unanimous 18-0 vote by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, former Vietnam-era covert operative and Contra-era figure Richard Armitage was quietly confirmed as Deputy Secretary of State in a voice vote on the Senate Floor. Armitage had previously been investigated by President Reagan’s Commission on Organized Crime in 1984 (boiler plate) for alleged links to gambling and prostitution and were totally ignored by the major American media (that’s a done deal just like corporate Japan today is quashing the media). Armitage was later implicated being the one who outed Valarie Plame and after being exposed simply got off with an apology saying it was “inadvertent”.

Japan's Operation Golden LilyThe reason Richard Armitage was quietly placed in the position of the Deputy of State as he was in 2001 as a “secret operations specialist”, was because Armitage was under Paul Wolfowitz (later went on to head the World Bank because that is where some of the gold discussed below is parked) who was then Secretary of Defense from January 20, 2001 to June 1, 2005. In March of 2001, the Bush criminal syndicate sent commands to the Philippines to recover part of what were known as “Marcos’ gold reserves”, and to supervise new excavations of gold taken by the Japanese during Japan’s Operation Golden Lily overseen by Prince Chichibu during the war that was buried in caves in the Philippines. Years ago, I lived in the southern island of Cebu, Philippines for nine months scuba diving and was fascinated while exploring all over that island locating caves used by Japan’s Imperial Army soldiers.

Gaston Sigur, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Armitage led the operation through which Ferdinand Marcus and his wife Emelda were taken by force out of the Philippines (remember when George Bush in the interview where he stated the Philippines is “the wealthiest country in the world“?). This means Richard Armitage is fully aware of this history and this gold. This was the basis under US President Truman’s establishing the “national security state.” The control of what remains of “Yamashita’s gold” is still an extremely important objective for those interested in seeking full disclosure of the existence of Golden Lily. It is alleged funds from this gold were used to set up the Black Eagle Trust which is a slush fund used to control Japan’s LDP (the M-Fund) to this day. Does this explain why Armitage meets with Shinzo Abe and the power elite inside the LDP? The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank were set up and used as a means for controlling “third world” (racist term) countries through unsecured loans (see Graham Hancock: Lords of Poverty), which, once they inevitably failed to be paid back due to outrageous interest, could be used as leverage in hijacking a country’s natural resources for Western and Japan-dominated multinationals.

Richard ArmitageLooking at this image of Armitage with these hired guns and mercenaries in Afghanistan, Armitage looks more like a criminal syndicate boss than a “diplomat.” What’s the message here being put out? What are these mercenaries protecting? As of 2000, 60% of Afghanistan’s opium crop was cultivated in the Helmand Valley, where the irrigation infrastructure was underwritten by USAID. Nothing has changed in all these years since Armitage being in Vietnam through to being in Afghanistan where Armitage, a man whose bio includes being the “biggest heroin trafficker in Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War“, also includes the following:

“Director of the State Department’s Foreign Narcotics Control Office (a front for CIA drug trafficking); head of the Far East Company (used to funnel drug money out of the Golden Triangle); a close liaison with Oliver North during the Iran-Contra cocaine-for-guns scandal; a primary Pentagon official in the terror and covert ops field under George Bush the Elder; one of the original signatories of the infamous PNAC document; and the man who helped CIA Director William Casey run weapons to the mujaheddin during their war against the Soviet Union. Armitage was also stationed in Iran during the mid-1970s right before Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini overthrew the shah. Armitage may well be the greatest covert operator in U.S. history.”

Photograph of Prime Minister Abe shaking hands with H.E. Ms. Caroline Kennedy, Ambassador of the United States of America to Japan

Photograph of Prime Minister Abe shaking hands with H.E. Ms. Caroline Kennedy, Ambassador of the United States of America to Japan

While most Japanese have never even heard of Richard Armitage, he is according to many documented and well researched accounts, one of the “greatest covert operators in U.S. history”. And he is in Japan cutting deals between the Anglo-Americans and the power brokers inside Japan’s LDP corporate government? Probably more like giving them specific instructions. That’s why I think Caroline Kennedy was brought into Japan assuming office in November, 2013 as America’s Ambassador to Japan. Almost every Japanese person on the street knows Caroline Kennedy. Richard Armitage & Co. are the “bad cops”, and Caroline Kennedy was brought in to soften the blow as the “good cop.”