Japanese will be forced to change their current “salary brain” thinking to an entrepreneurial “earn brain”

Japanese employeesHere is an encouraging article discussing the subject of “micro entrepreneurs” in Japan on how Japanese people will be forced to shift from their current “salary brain” to what the article described as an “earn brain.” The inference here seems to be pretty obvious. The idea here is that employees are going to have to become more tech savvy with their computing gadgets and blogging skills to earn an income rather than relying on the government or company salary by just showing up for work. Many corporations and some government sectors in Japan have implemented special software in which each employee (corporate drones) are plugged into the work efficiency software and it monitors efficiency in the office for peek productivity. It appears some employees haven’t been working at peek efficiency with many being forced out of the company as Japan’s corporations undergo restructuring (getting rid of dead weight).

This article goes on to say that the imprinting of “your money is intended to be paid by the company” must shift from a “salary brain” to an “earn brain” despite still being a company employee. One Japanese employee, a Mr. Ueno (pseudonym), loved collecting information on all the electronic gadgets and off smart phone applications so he started blogging about it. Mr. Ueno was then approached by a magazine for an interview and his blog has increased in popularity to the point he is apparently earning an income off his interest. Another Japanese man who was working for a trading company began transferring his knowledge of wine to his blog. He then began having wine parties where his knowledge of wine (sommelier) could be shared through his parties and his blog. He has since become a freelance sommelier and wine advisor earning an income of ¥300,000 a month.

More and more Japanese people who are shifting from the “salary brain” to this new type of thinking called an “earn brain”, are shifting their knowledge to their blogs hopefully setting up a scenario where they can be paid for their specialty knowledge. There is an increasing number of  Japanese going to the internet through their social media networks to startup businesses they can run from their homes. They are not restricted to just Japan either in their new online businesses, at least for many Japanese who have picked up English as a second language after 70 years of English being taught in Japan. One Japanese man an his wife export fresh vegetables grown in Japan to different countries in the Asian region.

Source: MSM

「普通の人」が会社を辞めずに収入を得る時代 年収300万円時代を生き抜く「マイクロ起業」

February 22, 2016

"earn brain"前回のコラムでは、「おカネは会社から支給されるもの」という刷り込み、言わば「給料脳」の危険性を説いた。そのうえで「給料脳」から脱却し、会社員をしながらこの「稼ぎ脳」を持つ必要性を説明した。





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