Mitsubishi’s new RJ70/MRJ90 (MRJ) equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines with FADEC systems

RJ70/MRJ90 MitsubishiLast year November 11, 2015 Mitsubishi’s new RJ70/MRJ90 Regional Jet or MRJ for short, was taken on its maiden flight. There were to-date five MRJs built with the first aircraft manufactured used in the one hour maiden sortie flown from Nagoya airport to Tokyo on November 11, 2016. This was the first aircraft of five that have been manufactured involved in the testing phase. Mitsubishi has assigned the second to engine tests; the third to checks of control systems; the fourth and fifth to modelling of the interior. The RJ70/MRJ90 is a twin-engine regional jet aircraft seating 70–90 passengers and is manufactured by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. Along with a partnership between majority the owner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Toyota Motor Corporation with design assistance from Toyota affiliate Fuji Heavy Industries. Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) manufactures Subaru cars, and its aerospace division makes parts for America’s Boeing corporation, helicopters for the Japanese Self-Defense Force, the Raytheon Hawker, and Eclipse Aviation business jets. The RJ70/MRJ90 will be the first airliner designed and produced in Japan since the 1960s. Deliveries for RJ70/MRJ90 are scheduled for 2018 and Mitsubishi plans on manufacturing 10 aircraft a month.

What interests me are the aircraft’s components Mitsubishi will acquire from the United States at a planned quality control facility in Chicago with Mitsubishi offices located in Schaumburg, Illinois for the sourcing of RJ70/MRJ90 components. The reason why Chicago was chosen is because Chicago, Illinois is where Boeing’s headquarters are located. The American aircraft company SkyWest agreed to buy 100 MRJ90’s, to be delivered between 2017 and 2020. The deal is worth $4.2bn at list prices. Delivery to SkyWest has been delayed one year for further safety upgrades to the landing gear and modifying the wings for added strength. Under the recently signed agreement with Mitsubishi, the American company Heath Tecna will supply Mitsubishi Aircraft with, Interior linings (flight deck, passenger compartment, cargo compartment); galley units; lavatories; emergency escape slides; waste/water systems. Much of the fuel economy the RJ70/MRJ90 jet will have comes from its use of new turbo fan engines from the American manufacturer, United Technologies Corp.’s (one of the biggest defense contractors in the US) Pratt & Whitney division. With this new aircraft Japan could also keep aircraft competitors in South Korea, Taiwan and China from encroaching on its lucrative Boeing work, which analysts say “contributes around a fifth of Mitsubishi’s roughly $5.7 billion in annual revenues.”

The Pratt & Whitney turbo fan engines that will be used on Mitsubishi’s new RJ70/MRJ90 Regional Jet will come equipped with Full Authority Digital Engine (or electronics) Control (FADEC). This system can monitor the engines performance from an external source. The system consists of a digital computer, called an “electronic engine controller” (EEC) or “engine control unit” (ECU). These two systems and its related accessories will control all aspects of the MRJ’s aircraft engine performance.

Mitsubishi MRJ makes first Flight