School in Japan: School was exactly Hell for me. I don’t know what else to say. The place was disgusting, dark, hopeless, sad, lonely, and absolutely SUCK.

School place and work place bullying happens in most countries but why does it seem to be particularly acute in Japan? Another phenomenon is aggressiveness in the work place towards other employees which is also being reported on more frequently happening inside companies in Japan. Not that I have solutions having been bullied myself in school, sometimes violently, it’s just that I thought this clip done by a Japanese guy is pretty good at bringing attention to the problem of bullying (ijime).

The bullying perpetrated on me was pretty severe, like the incident when I was unexpectedly grabbed by the jacket I was wearing and spun several times then slammed into a concrete wall. The “bully” was much bigger than myself. Another time, the same “bully” caught me with an unsuspected blow to the back of my neck just as I bent down to pick something up I dropped while sitting at my desk. The blow knocked me out and when I came to on the floor there were classmates standing around laughing at my “clumsiness” for falling out of the desk.  Nonetheless, despite the bullying and moving on in life, this Japanese guy is pretty good…there is nothing funnier sounding than a Japanese guy saying “go f–k yourself” in a Japanese accent.

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