Brace yourselves, Mount Io in Kyushu, Japan is about to erupt (small)

Mount Io in Kyushu Japan getting ready to erupt?

Mount Io in Kyushu Japan getting ready to erupt?

Reports are that 37 volcanic tremors have been recorded at Mount Io in Kyushu, Japan by mid-Sunday February 27, 2016. Intensified volcanic activity has been going on around the 4,300-foot volcano and has continued going back to last year July, 2015. The projections are by the Japan Meteorological Agency that if Mount Io erupts, it is expected to be a “small eruption.”

Source: New On Japan

Volcanic eruption warning issued for Mt Io in Kyushu

February 28, 2016

The Japan Meteorological Agency warned Sunday of a possible small eruption at Mt Io, which straddles the southwestern prefectures of Miyazaki and Kagoshima, after observing an increase in volcanic earthquakes.

The local government in Ebino city declared a 1-kilometer no-entry zone around the crater of Mt. Io, part of the Kirishima mountains.

Volcanic activity has intensified at the 1,317-meter volcano since last year.

硫黄山が小規模噴火の可能性 火口周辺警報を発表(16/02/28)