The school girl culture in Japan is a booming business as a spinoff sex industry

Japanese high school girlOver the years I’ve noticed the different trends Japanese school girls have taken in which they themselves do not decide what type of clothes they are going to wear for example. That is because Japanese men decide what fashions young school girls will wear and is promoted through the media and in publications. This includes the short dresses Japanese school girls wear. Japanese high school girls are being used in the sex industry to sell massages at massage parlors, magazines, pamphlets for dubious businesses and fortune telling. If you go to Akihabara in Tokyo, you will see female high school students everywhere at night, and will  often see them with Japanese men. Whether these Japanese men are customers who pay high school girls to escort them around the Akihabara area, or if these are men hustling businesses using these Japanese high school girls as “kanban” is sometimes hard to tell. It’s incremental as most of these high school girls will admit. Before they know it they are in a love hotel for two hours of sex.

Blue Heart - modern realities of the sexual exploitation of Japanese teenagers.

Blue Heart – The modern realities of sexual exploitation of Japanese teenagers.

This “cute culture” in Japan takes on some rather seemingly bizarre relationships with Japanese men usually in the back ground controlling businesses using high school girls as their promotional commodities. I knew several high school girls some years ago, and one of them told me she was paid anywhere from ¥10,000 to $30,000 a night to “escort Japanese men”. She confided in me she was paid ¥50,000 for sex on many encounters. More than she could make in a month working part-time at a Seven-Eleven. This 17 year-old Japanese high school girl had more money than me. Last year, Tokyo police arrested three men for operating a business in the Ikebukuro area that allowed Japanese male customers to watch teenage girls fold paper cranes in their underwear. The room had a glass floor and the men could pick their favorite girl and then watch her fold paper cranes looking up at her from underneath the glass floor.  The club, which was called Kurione, had two underage girls on staff when police raided it. The teenage high school girl sex industry in Tokyo is booming, and even though the Japanese police occasionally clamp down, the girls reappear with their Japanese business overlords. There is too much money to be made. One girl working in Akihabara in the teen age sex related  industry, made her money selling her panties to Japanese men after she wore them for ¥10,000 per panty. It’s really sex trafficking and exploitation.

What is astonishing in this “cuteness culture” is the level of tolerance, but that’s because it generates huge profits. Like the tolerance for JK (female high school student) business also arguably extending to the insanely popular AKB48 high school pop group. AKB48 is an enormously popular all-girl “idol” group. Idols are young girls who are supposed to be “singers, actresses, models, and TV personalities”. These young girls have public personas that are regimented to have “girlish cuteness” to make them popular. AKB48 business promoters all being men, are pretty shrewd about their creation. They rotate as many as 88 cute girls at a time. The girls are ranked according to their popularity with fans and sing pop songs with provocative lyrics and pose on magazine covers in bikinis. They can’t sing but who cares, it’s their popularity and “cuteness” that sells. A sexually driven market of cuteness all controlled by Japanese men who are “critically acclaimed producers.” Yeah right. AKB48’s producer, Yasushi Akimoto (part of the start-up capital allegedly came from the Yamaguchi-gumi Goto-gumi [now Rachi-gumi)] crime syndicate, which controls large sections of Tokyo in the entertainment industry), said he wanted to “take average Japanese girls and make them into stars”. Here’s one of Akimoto’s “stars”:

(Interview) AKB48’s Itano Tomomi FIRST English interview