Plutonium being transported out of Japan and so what was the content of the negotiations?

Over the years Japan has been stockpiling plutonium which makes one wonder whether or not Japan has developed nuclear weapons? Early reports suggested the plutonium was being stockpiled in Fukushima. Japan had about 47.1 tons of plutonium stockpiled in and outside of Japan at the end of 2013. This amount was apparently about 2.9 tons more than the previous year. What is Japan doing with 47.1 tons of highly enriched plutonium? That is the largest stockpile of plutonium compared to any other country outside of Russia and the US which have equivalent amounts. The agreement was concluded in 2014 to return the plutonium to South Carolina. The reason for Japan having this amount of plutonium was said to be related to “experimental purposes”. Makes people wonder what Japan was doing with all this plutonium over all these years and why it is being returned now after the events of Fukushima? If this plutonium was being used for “experimental purposes” what were the experiments?

Over the years Japan had been receiving much of its plutonium stockpile from France. Ever since WWII, Japan had been working to develop nuclear weapons. It was the German U-234 submarine used for cargo transport under the Kriegsmarine during World War II that attempted delivering uranium oxide and German advanced weapons technology to the Japan. Most observers know Japan as well as other “advanced” countries with access to technology and trade agreements have been developing all kinds of unknown weapons systems including Japan. (See Japan’s underwater Yanagi missions)

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