The rats in the American experimental laboratory have gotten loose from their cages

Every once in awhile – a very great while – I take an occasional jaded look at what is happening inside the experimental laboratory called America. In this incident, one of the lab rats in America has apparently escaped from his cage and is seen in the video clip below urinating on a conveyor belt at a Kellogg’s food factory located in Memphis, Tennessee. Although this rat filmed himself urinating on the conveyor belt awhile back, the clip only now surfaced on the internet. Can’t explain the delay this rat decided to take in posting his urinating exhibitionism.

For many people in the world observing the U.S., they must be astonished at the kinds of rats being raised in the American laboratory. Do people realize in the first two and half months of 2016 alone, 604 people have been shot in Chicago with 103 dead? The rats in Chicago are freaking out due to the bad food I guess. Too many Kellogg’s Crispies snacks. The irony is laboratory rats are fed food pallets is what the Kellogg’s products are being manufactured at this plant in Tennessee could be comparable to. Who would eat sterile food like that to begin with? Rice Crispies Squares saturated with processed white sugar?

Video appears to show man urinating on products at Kellogg’s assembly line


One thought on “The rats in the American experimental laboratory have gotten loose from their cages

  1. Good post. America is full of unhealthy processed foods. The hero-pisser is drunk on beer given the power and duration of his stream. He should be commmended for his actions. Desperate situations sometimes call for desperate actions.

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