This summer in Japan another boring Upper House election between the LDP and Komeito

Komeito party in JapanHere’s your chance members of the New Komeito Party this summer when Upper House elections will take place for control over the Upper House. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated he wanted members of his governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to “work together” to win this summer’s Upper House election. What “working together” means is ambiguous but what it really means is that Shinzo Abe wants his (current LDP spokesperson) policies to continue to be fundamentally in agreement with the U.S.. According to this coming Upper House election, the battle lines are drawn: “Abe said the Upper House election will be a battle between the ruling coalition of the LDP and Komeito, and the opposition Democratic and Japanese Communist Parties.” It’s artificial political opposition designed to give the Japanese public the appearance any real resistance to the LDP exists. And it keeps a political party in “power” with salaries and political recognition knowing how LDP party members have powerful connections to Japan’s corporations benefiting from military buildup. This is apparent as Japan increases military spending at .5 percent per year of Japan’s yearly GDP. Japan walks a thin line if Japan’s LDP desires continuous access to western markets.

LDP PartyWhat is the “battle” really about? Well for starters, it’s about Japan’s alliance with the United States over China’s “military threat” with PM Shinzo Abe stating the Upper House election this summer is to “strengthen the LDP to protect people’s lives.” Protect them from what exactly? The U.S. is moving its military to the Pacific region following the money moving into China. That’s what militaries do. They follow where the money is going which seems to be China with China continuing to buy large sums of gold. America’s CNN news source called it a “massive buying spree.” Yeah, so those who have the gold just sell it to China because China wants to buy gold while Japan gears up for potential war with China? How in the hell does that work? I am assuming other central banks are selling their gold reserves to China? So, we go bank to the central banking model again where governments are manipulated into continuing military buildup.

Interesting that China’s currency the Renminbi has been accepted into the Bank of International Settlements Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) basket of currencies, yet China is building a large military? Gives observers the impression both Japan and China have central banking agreements (more like BIS agreements out of Basel, Switzerland) where military buildup is profitable for both countries? That’s always the political claim isn’t it? “We’re saving lives.” I mean, who can argue with that superficial claim? Then Abe states, “it [protect lives] will be seriously undermined if the Democratic Party works with the Japanese Communist Party to abolish the new security laws.” Those new security laws allow Japan to increase its military spending and to send Japan’s military forces overseas. The LDP’s opposition? The Komeito Party was founded 52 years ago back in 1964. Japan never had any problem “protecting lives” (with American oversight) ever since its constitution was structured 70 years ago. “New” was tact onto the beginning of Komeito to suggest any Soka Gakkai connections were dissolved.

Sokka GokkaiThe Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai founded Komeito and even though over the years it has been reported that Komeito has “shed its religious underpinnings”, that isn’t likely to be entirely correct. The real problem with Komeito not being able to capture the elections is that Soka Gakkai can’t come up with a strong leader, so it remains basically an artificial opposition to give the LDP an excuse to “battle”. When this entire “security issue” related to the LDP changing Japan’s constitution in 2014 started, it was observed that Soka Gakkai would be a “force to reckon with” over this controversial issue. Apparently, the Japanese people who are opposed to Japan’s re-militarization under the LDP are still waiting for the “force.” That’s religious connotation isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out Soka Gakkai‘s financing? Perhaps for another post.