US continues its provocations against North Korea to the extent of making emergency preparations on the US west coast

The U.S. is at it again provoking North Korea, only this time the escalation seems to be turning for the worse after the Philippines at the behest of the U.S., stopped a North Korean cargo ship in Subic Bay under economic sanctions. Economic sanctions are used to provoke nations into war with the U.S. and when the western media reported that the North Korean ship had been stopped in Subic Bay, Philippines, it added that “tons of amphetamines had been discovered on other North Korean ships” without any evidence whatsoever. Whether or not North Korea has been able to miniaturize nuclear warheads cannot be absolutely confirmed since we don’t have access to any meaningful knowledge.

For awhile there seemed to be a solid position for Japan to negotiate with North Korea on the Japanese people who were kidnapped over the years and taken to North Korea.  The US is now encouraging Abe to drop the issue and cut its losses. Just like the obedient child, Japan has decided to back the economic sanctions against North Korea. To up the fear in the US of a potential North Korean nuclear first strike, people on the west coast of the US are being told to make emergency preparations for just such a scenario. It seems the only options now the US has is to force North Korea into a war. The last thing the US wants at this point is for Japan’s Shinzo Abe going to North Korea and shaking hands with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. That would send Washington into apoplectic fits.

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Unexpected ESCALATION in Korean Peninsula Situation; Getting Dangerous – U.S. States being prepared for nuke attack!

March 12, 2016

Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington are quietly being told to make emergency preparations in case of attack by North Korea as the situation between the North And South Korea took a decidedly dangerous turn this morning when the South Korean Chiefs of Staff issued a terse warning.

“If the North continues to make provocations despite the stern warnings made by our military, it is inevitable for us to roll out a strict response that may lead to the destruction of the Pyongyang regime,” – South Korean Chiefs Of Staff statement this morning.

Observers were quick to notice the tone of this statement and found it to be very unusual. A spokesman from the Korean Reunification Project told SuperStation95 “its unusual for them as they normally are very guarded in their words.”

Afterwards, the United States issued a statement saying “North Korea will face a “stronger and more grave” response if it makes yet additional provocations in defiance of the international community.”

One of the largest Amphibious Assault Drills ever staged on the Korean Peninsula in modern times is now in progress, with troops simulating a beach invasion of North Korea.

The troops involved in the “twin dragon” drill are detailed below. Please note, that these are purely the forces involved in the landings at Pohang. This number does not include the many thousands involved in other simultaneous exercises right now in South Korea, with Operations “Resolve” and “Foal Eagle.”

55 U.S. marine aircraft

30 U.S. and South Korean ships, including the USS Bonhomme Richard and USS Boxer, which carry AV-8B Harrier attack jets and V-22 Osprey aircraft.

9,200 US Marines,

3,100 U.S. Navy sailors,

4,500 Republic of Korea Marine Corps,

3,000 Republic of Korea Navy members,

100 Australian Army soldiers

60 Royal New Zealand Army

In fact, the Pentagon confirmed this morning that 320,000 South Korean and US troops are now involved in the overall exercises taking place!

North Korea Will Either Collapse or Go to War

North Korea has been under various sets of economic sanctions for decades over its nuclear weapons development and missile programs.

Despite the sanctions, North Korea’s ally, China, allowed certain things to get through, and certain financial transactions to take place nonetheless. It was done with a wink and a nod.

After North Korea made a surprise detonation of another nuclear device in January(without warning China) and then launched another missile to put some type of “satellite” into space in February, China joined the rest of the world in honoring prior UN Sanctions. They even went so far as to vote in favor of very harsh NEW sanctions imposed by the UN earlier this month.

Those new sanctions are having a severe effect upon North Korea, which has found itself unable to engage in most foreign trade and, worse, unable to engage in financial transactions! Cutting-off access to finances wipes out North Korea’s access to hard cash, so they are now going broke.

Among the most serious of the new sanctions is the ban on importation of aviation fuel. Without aviation fuel coming into the country, North Korea grows weaker as each day passes. In order to have a civilian air transport system, the government must fly aircraft. Each time they do, it draws down on the supply of aviation fuel they have, leaving less for military use.

Unable to engage in foreign trade, unable to get hard cash from foreign transactions, and unable to fuel its aircraft, the North Korean regime of Kim Jung Un absolutely, positively, without any doubt whatsoever, will collapse. There is no way to avoid it.

It is now believed North Korea will choose to go to war rather than be humiliated into compliance with UN demands it cease its nuclear and missile programs. With the new sanctions slowly draining the country’s ability to exist, war will likely come soon.
Nuclear Threats

North Korea has made repeated threats within the past month to “turn the United States into a sea of fire” and ordered its nuclear weapons to be “made ready for use at a moments notice.”

North Korea also successfully launched a satellite into space in February and that launch proves the North Koreans can make nuclear strikes anywhere in in red-highlighted areas of the map below:


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