Finally, a Japanese man educating his fellow Japanese on monetary theory and a physical Bitcoin

This was inevitable as more and more Japanese are being subjected to information on the predatory nature of the central banking model. A Japanese man has studied monetary theory and the fallacy of debt based currency studying Bitcoin and what he has developed calling it a “physical Bitcoin”. Negative interest rates were decided on first by the central bank of Japan to force horded currency out into the open to spend this currency and the Japanese people didn’t fall for it. How can you force people to consume then threaten them with an increase in a consumption tax to 10 percent from its current level of 8 percent? Japan’s banking and economic system is dysfunctional and more and more Japanese people see this every day. Listen carefully to the Japanese interviewee as he expresses his desire to educate Japanese people on an alternative currency. This is ground breaking and totally uniquely Japanese. Well done…

Satori Coin: New physical bitcoin introduced in Japan