Japan’s Nintendo firm releases Miitomo (Me) so now you too can divulge personal information only with an avatar

"Wow, isn't this cool, we can use words like " and 'Shitlord' on Miitomo."

“Wow, isn’t this cool, we can use words like ‘Dickbutt’ and ‘Shitlord’ on Nintendo’s Miitomo.”

Never did like computer games, in fact, sort of loathed them and always considered playing games on computers a serious waste of time. To my way of thinking, games are sort of like an addictive drug, the more you play the more you become addicted to playing games. Technology is highly addictive. Games in Japan are big business with most people on their smart phones usually playing games from what I’ve seen. Here is one more game to add to their “technological advancement.” The thing about this game it seems to me is it will take the loneliness out of life of the participants, like the happy rats in rat park because it’s the cage you are in.

Japan’s gaming company Nintendo just released its new game called Miitomo for smartphones.  Mii like in me, in other words, it’s all about me I guess since looking at this game after the player creates an avatar, can share posts divulging more and more personal information about themselves online. Nintendo is now officially in the smartphone game business. It isn’t news that some serious studies have found that video games trigger dopamine release in the brain. Imagine all the personal questions that are going to be asked and shared through Facebutt and twitter through Nintendo’s Miitomo game. “What kind of sex do you like?” With Miitomo, you can even use words like “Dickbutt” and “Shitlord.”  Impressive. Like being on dopamine to take the pain out of the train commutes in Tokyo.

Source: BBC

Miitomo: Nintendo launches first smartphone game in Japan

By Chris Foxx Technology

17 March 2016

Nintendo's new game MiitomoImage caption Nintendo’s first mobile game has been launched in Japan

Nintendo has released its highly-anticipated debut smartphone game, Miitomo, in Japan.

The app is a social game in which players create an avatar known as a Mii and share posts with friends from Facebook and Twitter.

Players are encouraged to answer questions about their likes and dislikes and the answers can be seen by friends in the app.

Early reviews of the app have been mixed.

Video game site IGN said Miitomo had “a lot of potential” but had “missed opportunities with the lack of room customisation”.

Technology site The Verge said Miitomo was “a little clunky at times, with too many load screens” but did have an abundance of “sleek, appealing quirkiness”.

But the first 500 reviews on the Japanese version of the iOS app store have been largely positive.