Russia rejects Pax Americana liberal internationalism as Japan seeks to negotiate with Russia

Russia’s Sergei Lavrov is coming to Japan in April, 2016 to lay the necessary diplomatic ground work for a visit to Russia later this year in May by Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe.  Amongst many issues to be discussed, they will negotiate the Kuril Islands, trade and economic issues, Japanese infrastructure investment in eastern Russia, and of course the concern over the constant threat of terrorism. Since I am partly Russian (Slavic), Russia has held great interest for me and how Russia has defended its “homeland” against the constant threat of terrorism. What also interests me is that Russia represents a land based power and America represents a sea based power which are now in conflict, so it will be worth noting what Russia and Japan discuss when Abe visits Moscow in May. Russia has already made it known it wants Shinzo Abe to come to Russia without “external influence”.  Sergei Lavrov is coming next month to work with Japanese diplomats on what their foundational negotiations will be based on I think.

Russia went into Syria militarily to destroy ISIS (Anglo-American mercenaries assets) assets and to disrupt drug networks moving drugs into Russia to intentionally destroy Russian society. Russia has completely rejected Pax Americana liberal internationalism in Syria, so it will be no surprise this will also be discussed between Vladimir Putin and PM Shinzo Abe in May, 2016 concerning Japan’s relation to America. Since I have no aversion to the use of violence, the following are a few video clips of how Russia is dealing with Jihadi lunatic terrorists and criminal syndicates moving drugs into southern Russia through Dagestan. Russia’s security services have the border between Dagestan and Russia pretty much sealed off to prevent terrorists and drug runners from coming into Russia, and they don’t seem too willing to negotiate with criminals.

Russian Spetsnaz Battle Jihadists In Dagestan

Russian Special Forces In Heavy Firefight With Dagestani Militants

Russia: Counter-terrorism forces kill three militants in Dagestan shoot-out