33 million Chinese men can now come home to silicone love after a hard day at the factory

sex doll in chinaThe demographics in China made something like this inevitable where men outnumber women by about 33 million. That means there are 33 million very horny Chinese men.  The first thing that comes to my attention is that the sex doll is white and blond, and then look at the doll’s facial expression. Like “she” is scared. That is just creepy. This babe comes in at US$4,040 and you can select the color hair you like, the length, the eye color, the skin tone and even the kind of vagina you like. Well, Chinese men, what a babe to come home to after a hard day in the factory or out in the rice fields.

Sex dolls in ChinaApparently because of the breast size, this doll is a big hit with Chinese men.  The doll was much anticipated before its release. Some firms in China rather than handing out bonuses, have been known to give to their male employees sex dolls to keep their libidos in check. One of the biggest reasons for Chinese men buying these sex dolls, is because as they say, “having one of these sex dolls keeps them from cheating on their wives when they are away from home for long periods of time working in the cities”. I guess if it’s an expensive doll like this US$4,040 silicone babe, it is sort of complimentary of your wife? The down side of those 33 million surplus Chinese men might mean a good war is in order to dwindle their demographic size a bit. Thanks to Maurice Strong & Co. for that bit of one child historical perversion. What a species hey?

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