American Captain Crunk arrested in North Korea gets 15 years for defacing state propaganda

"Well, Captain Crunk, sure do have your ass in a bind now."

“Well, Captain Crunk, you sure do have your ass in a bind now.”

The American college student Otto Frederick Warmbier, was arrested on January 2, 2016 at Pyongyang airport in North Korea just before he was getting ready to board a flight back to China. He was in North Korea for five days. Why he went and who he was with and at who’s behest is still not clear based on Warmbier’s comment in court he was “used and manipulated“. Did someone put him up to removing the propaganda poster knowing it would be video taped? I don’t have a clue why Warmbier decided to take down a state poster inside the hotel but whatever his motivation was, it cost Warmbier 15 years of his life. The video clip below is Warmbier’s crime. North Korea isn’t the good ole’ USA son, they don’t take that shit too lightly removing state propaganda from hotel walls. And were you that stupid to not check for surveillance cameras first before you decided to take the poster down as a souvenir? Maybe the vodka blurred your presence of mind? What person in their right mind would willingly go to North Korea for five days and attempt something as ridiculous as trashing state propaganda?

Otto Frederick Warmbier’s fraternity at the University of Virginia is the Theta Chi fraternity and describes its “scope” as being “international.” The fraternity’s motto is “An Assisting Hand.” Assisting hand alright, that hand used to take down a propaganda poster in a hotel with surveillance cameras sure was “international” and and sure did live up to the Theta Chi fraternity’s motto alright. Even though the fraternity goes back to Norwich University in Vermont, there are roughly 180,000 initiated members since 1856 when the fraternity was founded at Norwich as a military fraternity.  Although Warmbier has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea, something tells me his sentence will be cut short in the coming months. Personally, I find fraternities disgusting (they circumvent meritocracy), so let’s see if his fraternity brethren come to his assistance by living up to the Theta Chi’s motto: “An Assisting Hand.”

CCTV shows US student stealing political banner in North Korea


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