Okinawa hit again with another rape incident by a US military member

Rape in Okinawa by US militaryLooks as though a US military member in Okinawa is involved in an incident where it has been alleged he raped a Japanese tourist. Although the details aren’t clear, this must have really upset the people in Okinawa as the local government has prohibited US military personnel  from staying over night in the city of Naha. This happens with almost unending frequency every six months or so, continuously over the years where US military members are accused of raping Japanese women in Okinawa. At this point the incident is being called an allegation, so we will have to wait until an official police investigation is released to confirm whether or not the Japanese female tourist was actually raped. So we won’t jump to conclusions here. There are thousands of US military personnel stationed in Okinawa and their numbers are only going to increase in this region of the Pacific because of continued tensions between the United States and China. The local government in Okinawa have tried everything over the years to prevent the US military from staying in Okinawa, including law suits against the government in Tokyo, mass demonstrations and local protests that are continuously being held. Meanwhile, the rapes and sexual assaults continue.

Source: Sputnick

Japan Restricts Movements of US Military in Okinawa After Rape Allegations

March 17, 2016

US military personnel have been prohibited from spending the night in Naha, the capital of Japan’s Okinawa prefecture, amid an ongoing investigation into an alleged rape of a Japanese tourist, local media reported Thursday.

People protesting the planned relocation of the U.S. military base, to Okinawa’s Henoko coast, shout slogans at a rally in front of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s official residence, as a meeting between Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga and Abe is held, in Tokyo in this April 17, 2015 file photo

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Sunday, Japanese police arrested Justin Castellanos, a Navy sailor stationed at the US Marines Corps camp in the Okinawa prefecture, for allegedly sexually assaulting a tourist in Naha.

US soldiers located in the northeastern Okinawa are banned from staying overnight in Naha and all areas south of its Camp Kinser military base, CNN said Thursday, citing a US military spokesman in Japan.

Castellanos has reportedly denied the rape accusation.


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