Plutonium stored in Japan is the largest stockpile of any non nuclear weapon state

Seems surprising but over the years Japan has been able to acquire the largest stockpile of weapons usable plutonium of any non nuclear weapon state. For five decades Japan has been producing plutonium as a nuclear fuel and because as we’re being told there is a “security risk in Japan with this amount of plutonium being stored in Japan”, the plutonium is being removed and taken to South Carolina by ship transport. It is related to Japan’s energy needs which explains in large part why there is this large stockpile of plutonium in Japan. Considering the radiation leaking out of the reactor in Fukushima is far from being resolved, whatever negotiations were conducted to move this plutonium out of Japan must have been related. It’s not really a “secret plutonium shipment”, this transfer has been well publicized leading up to the plutonium transfer.

Source: Global Research

Japan: Nuclear Security Risks’ Exposed by Secret Plutonium Shipment: NGOs

March 18, 2016

Plutonium shipped out of JapanTokyo- (PanOrient News) A coalition of five non-governmental organizations warned today that a shipment of weapons-grade plutonium scheduled to depart the port of the Japanese Tokai nuclear station in Ibaraki prefecture this coming weekend highlights the failure, but also the proliferation risks, of the current Japanese nuclear policy.

A cargo of 331kg of plutonium will be loaded on to the Pacific Egret, an armed British nuclear transport ship, prior to departure under armed escort to the United States. It will be the largest shipment of separated plutonium since 1.8 tons of plutonium was delivered to Japan by controversial Akatsuki-maru in 1992. The two month voyage to the Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station will then see the plutonium dumped at the Department of Energy Savannah River Site (SRS) in South Carolina. The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, which is responsible for the shipment, has identified that storage in Japan poses a security risk justifying its removal.

The organizations, Citizen Nuclear Information Center (Japan); Green Action (Japan); Savannah River Site Watch (U.S.); CORE (England), and Greenpeace, said in a statement they condemn the shipment as a dangerous distraction from the major problem in Japan which is its overall nuclear energy policy, where over 9 tons of plutonium remains stockpiled and there are plans to produce many tons more during the coming decade. The representatives of the five organizations have worked together over the past quarter century against Japan`s plutonium and nuclear fuel cycle program.

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