Japan converts to natural gas imports while Syria burns with an explanation from the No Agenda Podcast

Adam Curry's No Agenda PodcastSome years ago, I was introduced to Adam Curry and at the time, never really picked up an interest in the dialogues he and his co-host John C. Dvorak did on their podcast. It wasn’t until Adam Curry and John Dvorak, on one of their co-hosted No Agenda Podcast shows, that I took a serious interest in their podcast when Adam Curry began discussing the natural gas pipelines that are being constructed in and around the region of Syria.  These energy wars are the reason for the proxy war on Syria going into its sixth year now. Adam Curry had a list of all his sources in his show notes on his No Agenda Podcast, and so I took all the show notes provided and expanded the research.  The reason was because this proxy war on Syria has interested me from the very beginning in March, 2011. And recently, I was pleased to find out that Japan just provided Syria with US$5 million in assistance for internally displaced Syrian refugees in addition to the US$810 million provided last year.

Natural gasAdam Curry’s podcast on the gas pipeline wars was so good in fact, that after I took all the links to his show notes and spent a week further researching, the research I did including reference to Adam Curry, was forwarded by a friend of mine in California, who is a direct descendent of Benjamin Franklin, to his US congressman. The material I researched based on Adam Curry’s findings in preparation for his No Agenda Podcast, was well received by the US congressman alerting him to what is going on inside Syria. The following is Adam Curry’s podcast on the gas pipeline wars in Syria done on July 7, 2012 called “The Pipeline Show, which is actually pretty good if anyone listened to it. Adam Curry’s podcasts are archived at Internet Archive.  It was the first podcast I heard of Adam Curry and ever since was hooked. Adam Curry’s producer, Steven Anteau, actually put the material together for this podcast so credits are given to Steven Antau. Adam Curry put in a lot of time preparing for show #425. While listening to this podcast, Adam Curry prepared a special web page with maps to provide locations of the pipeline projects that might help listeners understand better the location of the pipelines.

The No Agenda Show – The Pipeline Show #425