Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells as two bulls brutally collide in China proving Frank Raymond’s observations

A commentator (turned on the auto spell) just asked me if I was a “Trump supporter” and am a bit perplexed with such an inane question associated with a previous post on the Japanese researcher Satoshi Kanazawa on his research into evolutionary psychology. Thinking about this question, I thought of Frank Raymond’s work in his book Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells. Frank Raymond was born on the Indian subcontinent and spent his early life in Calcutta, Darjeeling, and Dhaka in Bangladesh. He went to college and university in Britain, and later returned to Bangladesh, where he spent many years running an industrial business and immersing himself in the mind and culture of the people of India. Frank Raymond provides some interesting and unique outsider’s insight into the workings of the White mind and culture. He stands for the principle that every race is irreplaceable and valuable, and he opposes the Cultural Marxist and ‘liberal’ tenet that the white race alone is non-existent and/or evil, worthless and dispensable.

For the past 20 plus years Raymond has resided in Vancouver, British Columbia, and due to witnessing the slow destruction of the once proud Canada, he was inspired to write his first book Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells. Here’s the challenge to the real racists: Listen to this interview with Frank Raymond, then after listening to Frank’s findings, view the video clip below taken in China where the savages there pit two bulls against each other in a head on collision at a village party and then tell me Frank Raymond is incorrect in his findings. WARNING: The second clip is pretty brutal so prepare yourselves for the brutality exacted on animals. The two bulls killed each other in the collision.

Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells, the Politically Incorrect Thriller of the Time

Brutal moment two buffalo hit each other head-on at village party