The disadvantage of smarts and the controversial theory of Satoshi Kanazawa enrages intellectual liberals

Satoshi Kanazawa Satoshi Kanazawa is an evolutionary psychologist researching and based in the United Kingdom. Kanazawa is currently Reader in Management at the London School of Economics (LSE). His work uses evolutionary psychology to analyze social sciences such as sociology, economics, and anthropology. Even LSE prohibited him from publishing in non-peer reviewed publications. Kanazawa has apparently been very controversial because of his research and conclusions on ethnicity and intelligence factors attributed to evolution. Kanazawa suggests that “intelligent people are significantly more likely to exhibit social values and religious and political preferences that are novel to the human species in evolutionary history”.

Reading Kanazawa’s book the intelligence paradox: why the intelligent choice isn’t always the smart one, arguing that “liberalism as the concern for non-genetically related others  and the providing of resources to them has political correctness and censorship which has worked to suppress his research”. His critics claim that what he does is “bad science and is racist.”  His previous work was on the evolutionary reasons for beautiful and ugly women and was so controversial that Psychology Today, a publication Kanazawa wrote for, fired him.

Satoshi KanazawaKanazawa can be summed up as saying that “humans are hard wired to be conservative and theistic”. Kanazawa postulates that intelligent people have “unnatural preferences that are novel in human evolution.” This would almost seem to fit the Japanese way of thinking and psyche almost perfectly. The same liberal intellectuals call Kanazawa’s findings outright racism. Without me wanting to be intentionally controversial here, Kanazawa claimed “black women were objectively less attractive than other races“. That is going to send liberals into apoplectic rage.

“The Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis, [term coined by Kanazawa] derived from the logical conjunction of the Savanna Principle and a theory of the evolution of general intelligence, suggests that more intelligent individuals may be more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionarily novel values, such as liberalism, atheism, and, for men, sexual exclusivity, than less intelligent individuals, while general intelligence may have no effect on the acquisition and espousal of evolutionarily familiar values.”

What will be typical is for most people including “intelligent” liberals to go into rage over Kanazawa’s research without ever reading Kanazawa’s theories or his books. What is evolutionary psychology? Professor Kevin McDonald knows what evolutionary psychology is because he has written many books on the subject, has written thousands of articles and is well known for his controversial theory written about in his books Culture of Critique series. What hasn’t been explored yet, and would be fascinating for those with open minds, would be to analyze both Satoshi Kanazawa and Kevin MacDonald’s work in evolutionary psychology and look for similar findings that would confirm their theories despite both being controversial. The theistic aspect to human evolution would seem appropriate to teach good behavior for getting along with other people of different ethnicity.  Wouldn’t that be an important aspect to human evolution? To learn how to get along with each other through religion?

Okay, so I’m attracted to younger Japanese girls only because I happen to be in Japan. It’s evolutionary psychology taking place here on the basis of biological fertility, but it doesn’t mean I should manipulate them into sex or take advantage of their natural biological “weaknesses”. Consider it not “engaging in novel evolutionary behavior”, but rather an interest in biological and evolutionary survival tempered with a little bit of conservation and theistic self-control wishing to avoid destructive social behavior.


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