Akita Prefecture in northern Japan produces the most beautiful Japanese girls including high pitched voices

Never thought about where in Japan the “most beautiful Japanese girls” come from as the author of this blog has concluded. After spending a lot of time in Ehime Prefecture in southern Japan, I would probably disagree. Not too sure about this assertion about girls from Akita. While in Ehime Prefecture, I met some of the most astonishingly beautiful Japanese girls you could imagine. Apparently, the author of this blog feels that Japanese women from Akita Prefecture are the most beautiful. Beauty is considered also having high pitched voices.

Source: Japan info

Which Area in Japan is Famous for the most Beautiful Women?

February 16, 2016

Modern examples of Akita beauties are Nozomi Sasaki and Natsuki Kato, who in 2010, were selected by the Akita Prefectural to become Akita's Tourism Ambassadors (Akita Bi-no-Kuni Taishi).

“Modern examples of Akita beauties are Nozomi Sasaki and Natsuki Kato (above), who in 2010, were selected by the Akita Prefecture to become Akita’s Tourism Ambassadors (Akita Bi-no-Kuni Taishi).”

Bijin means beautiful women in Japanese and it is believed that there are many bijins in Akita. So because of this, the word Akita bijin usually comes to mind when Japanese people think of Akita and here’s why.

Why are Akita women considered bijin?

More than other prefectures, Akita is believed to have the highest number of beautiful women. Many Akita women are said to have fairer skin (which is considered more attractive in Japan) than women in other areas of Japan. This is attributed to the climate of Akita which receives fewer daylight hours, resulting in less exposure to UV rays.

In addition, Akita is an area which is very cold and snowy in winter so most people stay at home having less exposure to sunlight. There was a study done in the 1960s which revealed that the whiteness of women’s skin of Akita Bijins was 29.6% whereas the average is 22%. Other than white skin, the typical Akita beauties are said to have rounded faces with high-pitched voices.