Japan Inc. is out while options to buy are in on the coming “Japanese Doomsday Detonation”

Japan just hit the 60 percent threshold on Kissinger's cross; time to place your option to buy bets.

Japan just hit the 60 percent threshold on “Kissinger’s cross”; time to place your option to buy bets.

Jim Rickards released a news article on what is being called the “Japanese Doomsday Detonation”, so don’t forget to invest in options to buy ONLY and purchase Jim Rickards US$2,000 news bulletin (Agora Publishing). Jim Rickards was just in Tokyo broadcasting from a park in Tokyo when his discussion was interrupted by the Japanese police who asked him and his film man to leave the park. The rating agencies have been downgrading Japanese banks, but what Rickards pointed out is that the country of Japan has been downgraded. That is an entirely different scenario. When Japan goes every market (that’s where animals feed) are going down as well. All the credit rating agencies including Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poors have downgraded Japan in 2015 and again just recently. The upside of Japan’s credit rating being downgraded is that it will bolster the case against a tax increase.

Source: Bonner & Partners

Weekend Edition: How to Prepare for the Japanese “Doomsday Detonation”

March 19, 2016

The next global financial crisis is already brewing, and absolutely no one is talking about it. This crisis won’t be a great currency shock, a devaluation, a surprise stock market crash, a sovereign debt default, or corporate bankruptcy.

Instead, a rogue group will undermine – and I believe, destroy – one of the largest and most important financial markets in history. One that connects every country, company, and individual investor on the planet with you. More on that in a second.

For the next three days, I’ll be meeting with Japanese citizens and plugged-in contacts to get a first-hand understanding of this threat. Then, on Tuesday, March 22, at 7:30 p.m. ET, I’m broadcasting a live video session from Tokyo to tell you all about this danger. I’ll also give you an investment action plan. It’s free to watch and ask questions, but you need to RSVP.

I’ll tell you more about that danger in today’s essay, but if you want to reserve your free spot now, you can register here.

I asked him: “What keeps you up at night?”

His answer? An event we’re calling a “financial doomsday detonation.”

You need to know about it beforehand. Here’s just a preview of what we’re expecting…

We’re investigating a rogue but powerful group that we suspect is planning to make a huge announcement about the state of the Japanese economy and its government debt. This group is troubled by the Japanese government’s awful fiscal and monetary policies. The country has experienced a technical recession, more debt issuance, more deficits, and negative interest rates since it was downgraded in December 2014.

Now, this announcement alone normally would be an earthquake. But in these market conditions, it will likely be catastrophic. Soon after it’s made, Japanese debt will go from “super safe” to “slightly risky” in one move.

That’s not just semantics – the switch will have a technical but important impact on how the global financial system operates. Since large banks cannot be rated more highly than the country that regulates them, the credit rating of banks will have to be moved down to the same level or lower as Japanese debt.

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