15 year-old Japanese girl escapes her captor in another case of fulfilling his fantasy

Product of the male dominated fashion and entertainment industry in Japan.

Product of the male dominated fashion and entertainment industry in Japan.

Japanese girls being kidnapped happens frequently in Japan with the most recent case of a Japanese girl being able to escape her 23 year-old male captor when he left his apartment yesterday, Sunday, March 27, 2016. The 15 year-old girl who has been in captivity for two years, was some how able to escape the room she was confined in for two years. Last year December, 2015 a 14-year-old junior high school girl who went missing for a month from Mihama, Mie Prefecture showed up in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture. She was taken into protective custody until her parents could be contacted. In this most recent kidnapping in the news today, the parents of the 15 year-old girl had no idea where their daughter disappeared to two years ago from Saitama Prefecture. The young Japanese girl was stopped while walking home from school by a 23 year-old Japanese man who told her he was a lawyer and that he would give her a ride home. Another young Japanese girl has been missing since March, 2014 and her classmates held a graduation ceremony for their missing classmate who was abducted and has not been located.

It is unconscionable how Japanese girls are treated like sexual fantasy slaves by Japanese males. Sure it goes on frequently in other countries but it goes on in Japan with regular consistency. Japanese men who take girls off the streets are fulfilling their own perverted fantasy probably animating their deep uninhibited subconscious desires derived from manga anime (hentai). It’s like, wow, what the f–k man? These Japanese men are fulfilling their fantasies by being able to touch and smell their captives. Japanese society at its deeper level is one of the most misogynous, dysfunctional and sexist societies there is and this is the most recent example. The Japanese government if they really wanted to, could end this social mess if their Ministry of Education ever got their heads out of their uncreative bureaucratic asses and started making serious long term educational reforms.  Having personal experience with this kind of sick behavior, my daughter was stalked when she was this age.  After lurking in a dark street waiting for the stalker who was following my daughter, I threatened to kill him if I ever saw him in the neighborhood again after confronting him. They are cowards and predatory. It is the male dominated fashion and entertainment industry in Japan that puts these young Japanese girls at risk.

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