It isn’t necessarily the Japanese the Russians are concerned with over the Kuril Islands

Viscount Takahashi Korekiyo (高橋 是清)

Viscount Takahashi Korekiyo (高橋 是清)

It doesn’t seem as though Japan will get too far in negotiating some kind of an agreement on the Kuril Islands as Russia announced plans to locate missile batteries and further military equipment on the islands. It is worth noting how Japan criticizes Russia for its announced plans to move military hardware to the Kuril Islands, while at the same time Japan announced yesterday, its official opening of a military base manned with 150 Japanese military personnel and a radar system on Yonaguni island 90 kilometers south of the China-Japan disputed Sengaku islands.

It’s not as if Russia has completely forgotten how it was HSBC bank that helped finance Japan to fight the Russians in the Russo-Japanese war between 1904 and 1905.  Russia knows it really isn’t Japan that Russia is trying to militarily intimidate, it is the British just like it has been for the past 200 years. During the early part of 1904, Ewen Cameron (great-grandfather of the current British PM David Cameron) was involved with other leading London financiers in negotiations with the Japanese central banker, and later Prime Minister Takahashi Korekiyo, in the selling of war bonds to finance the Japanese war effort during the Russo-Japanese War.

Rothschild bond for Russo-Japanese warThe guy in the image above is Viscount Takahashi Korekiyo who was a Japanese politician who served as a member of the House of Peers, as the 20th Prime Minister of Japan from November 13, 1921 to June 12, 1922.  Korekiyo was also at  the head of the Bank of Japan and Ministry of Finance after his military service. Viscount is a British peerage title. What is a Japanese military officer and later as Japan’s prime minister then at the head of the finance ministry doing with a British peerage title? In preparing for the Russo-Japanese war for the British, Korekiyo met personally with American financier Jacob Schiff, (brought in by Parr’s Bank and HSBC Shanghai Bank by Lord Revelstoke of Baring Bank out of the City of London) who floated half of Japan’s loans in the U.S. Korekiyo also raised loans from the Rothschild banking interests in Britain. The Japanese went to war with Russia for the British, so good luck Shinzo Abe in recovering the Kuril islands; because the British are still in a technical war with Russia. And if you want to prosecute a war always be sure to have a letter of introduction before you go to a banker in the City of London to float bonds like Korekiyo did for £11,500,000. After American bankers refused Korekiyo, he traveled to London where his loan request was granted.

Source: Pravda Report

How Russia to defend Kuriles

March 28, 2016

Сoastal defence missile systems Bal and Bastion, as well as Eleron-3 drones will be deployed on the Kuril Islands by the end of 2016, according to the Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu.

The Minister noted that new-generation missile systems and drones will be sent to the islands of the Greater Kuril Ridge under scheduled rearmament, that will allow to improve defence capability of the Russian Federation greatly. “The measures will allow to increase several times destruction radius of potential enemy’s air attack weapon and defended area. There will be also significantly increased combat capabilities on the air targets destruction, including low-, middle-, and high-altitude cruise missiles.”

Beside that, the Defence Minister said that the Pacific Fleet Navy is currently getting ready for an expedition to the Kuril Islands in order to study prospects of the naval stations deployment in this territory. The expedition is to be started in April and will last three months.

How Russia to defend Kuriles