Japan and Deutsche Bank’s “inflation sensation” graphs as more free money heads over to the investor class

Wages in Japan have stagnated and there is a growing disparity between those with wealth and those without while the middle class is shrinking. This is the standard central banking model as increasing amounts of wealth migrates to the top of the financial and corporate system in Japan. The last thing Japan’s corporations want to do is raise wages, and looking at Deutsche Bank’s graphs, wages have remained the same and are a major component of economic fluctuation. Without wage increases there can be no pickup in end demand. Wages are not rising with a corresponding level of productivity. So what is killing the middle class? The following article describes the “conspiracy” against the middle class including in Japan. This speaks nothing of TPP either which will see further employment reduction as Japan’s workforce competes on a world level.

Source: Global Research

A Conspiracy to Keep Wages from Rising. Is This Class Warfare?

By Mike Whitney

Global Research, March 30, 2016

Is there a conspiracy to keep wages from rising or is it just plain-old class warfare?

Check out these charts from a recent report by Deutsche Bank and see what you think.

Well, what do you know? Everywhere the global bank cartel has its tentacles, wages are either flatlining or drifting lower.

Stagnant wages in Japan(Feeling Underpaid, Zero Hedge)

Not bloody likely, I say. There’s either policy coordination between the various heads of state and their central banks or wealthy elites have secretly seized the levers of power and imposed their neoliberal dogma when no one was looking. Either way, it’s pretty easy to see the effects of “extraordinary monetary accommodation” on wages. It’s done absolutely nothing, which is why inflation has stayed in check. Because if wages aren’t rising, then inflation remains subdued which gives central bankers an excuse for launching another one of their trillion dollar QE programs that further enriches their crooked friends on Wall Street.

Yipee! More free money for Wall Street and the investor class!

See how it works?

And what about productivity? Why are wages no longer rising along with productivity?

It seems fairly obvious that if wages don’t rise with productivity, then personal consumption is going to flag and the economy’s going to tank. If that’s the case, then boosting wages should be a top priority among policymakers, right?

But it’s not. The top priority for most politicians is kowtowing to their private sector bosses who fund their campaigns and make sure they have a nice-comfy job when they finally call it quits after years of groveling service. Isn’t that the way it usually works for these so-called “public servants”; they craft legislation that serves their fatcat constituents and then count the days until their next big payoff?

The point is that economic policy is not designed to improve conditions for ordinary working people. It’s not even designed to strengthen the economy. If that was the case, then there’d be some effort to hire more public workers to increase activity, boost business investment and strengthen growth. That would be the obvious remedy for today’s sluggish economy, wouldn’t it? Instead, Obama has done the exact opposite. He’s slashed the deficits by a full trillion dollars and allowed more than 500,000 government employees to get their pink slips. As a result, the economy has been chugging along at half-speed for nearly a decade. Thanks for nothing, Barry. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Now check out this “Government Job Destruction” chart at the Streetlight blog:

“Coincidence”, you say?

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