When the blue spark hits your brain little creatures of love will be designer babies when sex becomes obsolete by science

The following is a little bit of programming (probing) being done by the Independent preparing people for a future where copulation will become obsolete by people being able to create “little designer creatures” of their own. An intriguing question will be what color eyes and hair will the “parents” of the future decide for their little designer creatures? If this is inevitable, what will parents in the future decide for penis length of their designer baby son? The penis then is designed solely for pleasure? Why even have a penis attached if male babies are designed in a laboratory when sex becomes obsolete? Imagine a Japanese couple who design their little creature of love with blue eyes and blond hair? The debate on manipulating genes for designer babies, is going to intensify in the coming years as this reality is becoming closer all the time with every ongoing experiment. Imagine parents deciding to create another David Cameron (only because the Independent of Britain ran this story) of Britain? “Yes please, can we have the gene edit for a ‘David Cameron’ please?” It turns out that 70 percent of parents who go to vitro fertilization clinics for fertilization, do so not because they can’t conceive, but because they want to decide for themselves whether their baby will be a boy or a girl.

In April of 2015, scientists in China demonstrated they had successfully “edited a human embryo“, and when this news was released there was a lot of concern. What does “editing a human embryo” mean? It means scientists can go in and alter and rearrange the DNA. This touched off a controversy among bioethicists about whether or not humans should be tampering with human DNA. Can anyone just imagine the position of scientists when they have the capability at their disposal to create a “new breed of humans?” At some point in the future “parents” go into some high tech baby designer lab and design babies off the shelf for specific traits and capabilities like commodities. What would happen if some rogue scientist started breeding designer babies for highly psychopathic traits? Even worse then the psychopaths prowling the halls of political power today?

Source Independent

Sex will be made unnecessary by ‘designer babies’, Stanford professor says

The scientific developments needed are not far off, Prof Greely claims

Tuesday 29 March 2016 • 16 comments

Prof Greely believes conceiving children in a laboratory could become the norm PA

The majority of humans in developed countries will stop having sex to procreate within decades, a leading academic has predicted.

Professor Henry Greely believes that in as little as 20 years, most children will be conceived in a laboratory, rather than through sexual intercourse.

He even suggests the natural process of conception could become stigmatised.

The change would mark an evolutionary break with all other human beings, and indeed animals, throughout history.

Prof Greenly, Director at the Center for Law and the Biosciences, Stanford University, set out his case in his book, The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction.

Q&A: Will gene-editing IVF embryos lead to ‘designer babies’?

“In 20 to 40 years, when a couple wants a baby, he’ll provide sperm and she’ll provide a punch of skin,” Prof Greenly told The Times.

He said the female skin sample will be used to create stem cells, which can in turn be used to create eggs.

These eggs can then be fertilised with the sperm cells, resulting in a selection of embryos.

Prof Greenly predicts these embryos will be studied for any signs of malady.

“The prospective parents will be told, ‘These five have really serious diseases, you don’t want them’.

“Of the other 95, they will be given the pluses and minuses,” he said.

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