The external imposition of standards of beauty with increasing numbers of Japanese girls going for the “hafu gao”

Over the years, I have found it amusing, in some ways sad, that there are an increasing number Japanese females, and males as well, who are being convinced that having a hafu gao (mixed person’s face) is more attractive than having their own standard Japanese face from birth shaped by their individual DNA. As anyone would expect, it’s just another business in Japan by Japanese doctors who perform plastic surgery. These plastic surgeons advertise on their websites that having a hafu gao is “more trendy and considered more attractive”. One Japanese plastic surgeon after checking, advertises on his website that having a white person’s facial features is better than having a Japanese-looking face, and that is why many Japanese fashion magazines hire hafu (white mixed models) as opposed to hiring pure Japanese who are less attractive models. That’s like selling out your own ethnicity for money.

Translating into English a Japanese plastic surgeon advertised on his website the following: “Generally speaking, white people and hafu Japanese, or quarter Japanese, are superior in terms of their appearances when you compare them to pure Japanese.” The plastic surgeon went on to describe Japanese as having “inferior faces due to smaller thinner eyelids, bulky cheeks, thicker noses and yellow skin”. The advertising industry in Japan has a very powerful influence with more foreigners appearing on television, in magazines and in newspapers. These constant images of beautiful western models with perfect faces and long thin legs is having a huge impact on the self-esteem of many young Japanese girls. They in turn are being preyed on by plastic surgeons who advertise that Japanese faces are inferior to Caucasian faces. Walking down the streets in Tokyo you just don’t see that level of beautiful girls walking the streets Japanese included.

A few things need to be said about the increasing number of Japanese women who are deciding whether or not to go through with having drastic cosmetic surgery done to look more western. It means these Japanese girls who decide to have this surgery are in some ways changing their race. Is this really what these Japanese girls want to do? What makes these Japanese girls think who are having this cosmetic surgery done to radically change their features to look hafu, are superior to Japanese looks? I have met some astonishingly beautiful Japanese girls over the years, girls who didn’t apply a lot of make up, didn’t dye their hair brown and didn’t pluck all their eye brow hair out only having to paint them on in some weird curved shaped. The western media pretty much took over the direction of television and imposed their own standards of beauty onto the Japanese and Japanese girls seem to be simply following this imposed standard. In the YouTube video below, the young Japanese girl agreed to be a model for this cosmetic surgeon’s office. She has decided to go through with plastic surgery to surgically convert her face to having a hafu face. She is an ordinary Japanese girl and is posted so that viewers can see the before and after appearances. The externally imposed obsession with beauty…


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