First we’re on again and then we’re off again with “nuclear power” production plants

FukushimaWhat is it about these nuclear power plants that keep being built despite Japan shutting down its nuclear power plants post-Fukushima, and Germany announcing just after the Fukushima disaster, that its 17 nuclear sites all built by Siemens would be shut down by 2022? Germany not only shut down nuclear power plants, but also announced that Germany would phase out nuclear power plants. First it’s on again and then its off again with nuclear power plant operations and construction. Despite Japan closing down its nuclear power generation plants for which around 24 percent of its electricity is generated from, Japan and Turkey announced that Japan would assist in the construction of two nuclear power plants in Turkey. Ground was broken April 15, 2015 for Turkey’s first nuclear power plant for the Russian-designed Akkuyu plant in Mersin, Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. This the first of three nuclear power plants Turkey plans to build to help boost its economy and reduce its dependence on fossil fuel (no such thing as “fossil fuel”) imports.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Japanese trading house Itochu (second-largest trading house in Japan), are working on a 2 trillion yen ($15.8 billion) project  to participate in a combined stake of 30% in Turkey’s nuclear plant project in Turkey. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Itochu along with the French power utility firm GDF Suez are expected to hold a combined interest of 51% in this joint venture that will build and operate a nuclear plant in the Black Sea city of Sinop in Turkey. Another nuclear reactor built right on top of a large body of water. So while Germany is phasing out nuclear reactors Turkey is phasing them in? Now I am starting to think these reactors are not producing nuclear power. What if they are just “load dumping” electricity at these nuclear reactor sites which has been looked into over the past five years, and may explain this possibility? That would mean these “nuclear reactors” are being used for something all together different. Maybe exotic very dangerous materials are being produced at these sites where electricity is required to process this material?

Japan has 65 dams producing hydroelectricity some with a minimum of 7.5MW (Miho Damn) on up to 2,820MW (Kanagawa Dam) depending on what dam. To give an idea of what hydroelectric production can produce, 2,000MW is capable of generating enough electricity to power roughly 200,000 homes in Japan. This dependency on electricity contrary to what is known, is actually decreasing. Why is it that all these countries including Germany and France as well as Japan, know the dangers, or at least the “dangers of radioactive contamination” we’ve been led to think, are working to phase out nuclear reactors while three reactors are planned for Turkey?