Japanese dad takes out son’s computer gaming ability with a sledge hammer

Sometimes I’m not really sure if these father and son type of confrontations are staged just to achieve views on YouTube and likes on Facebook, but if in fact this happened, well done dad. This father in Japan seemed to be pissed off at his son sitting around playing computer games all day. Personally, I despise computer gaming and the entire gaming industry. As the dad swings the sledge hammer, it’s almost as if his anger can be felt. I thought he was about to take out the computer screen as well but guess not, probably would have caused a threat with all the flying glass. Sort of wondering if the sledge hammer on the little wimp’s head would have been more productive?


4 thoughts on “Japanese dad takes out son’s computer gaming ability with a sledge hammer

  1. Not very well done at all. Dad vented his frustration and expressed his anger at his son, but he also drove a big wedge between himself and his child. He gave a perfect model of losing control and using violence to solve problems. What he should have done is built a secure plywood enclosure over the TV, PC and gaming console with a door on the front and a big padlock on it. Put the key on a string around his neck. Then wait patiently for the son to come and discuss options. Take control don’t lose control.

    • You’re probably right but at the same time am reminded of the father and son in the US who went through repeated violent confrontations like this to the point I think they were being staged just for sensation and notoriety in the age of Facebook and YouTube.

      My bet is if this is to be taken at face value, is that the dad attempted several discussions with the little tike and when that failed over dinner discussions, it became sledge hammer time.

    • This is why parents in Japan gets killed by their own child. I know it happens everywhere, but it seems to be happening more often in Japan. They lose control and the child imitates it.

      • Read an article the other day suggesting Japanese people are losing patience and are beginning to complain more about their general circumstances. This might be a good thing, not the deaths but the beginning of serious and deep fundamental change in Japan – hopefully for the better.

        Thanks for commenting.

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