Historical blast from the past post-nuclear assessment on a few Hiroshima anomalies

The alleged mushroom cloud over Hiroshima - looks pained it and altered.

The alleged mushroom cloud over Hiroshima – looks painted in and altered.

After spending time in Hiroshima years ago walking around what has been named the Peace Park, I’ve always wondered whether a nuclear weapon was actually dropped on Hiroshima or not, and if a nuclear weapon wasn’t dropped, what caused all the destruction? The following videos were put out by the US military, and what I first noticed was the narrative and the climatic music. The narrator mentions “heat traveling at the speed of light”, but where is the historical record on heat being associated with a nuclear explosion? It was said that the nuclear bomb detonated over Hiroshima “generated 1 million degrees”. One million? Where were the instruments located to determine that? As far as I know, there is no instrument made that can measure that kind of heat let alone back then. There were trees still standing in the vicinity of the alleged nuclear blast in Hiroshima. Every brick and tile in Hiroshima should have been melted with that kind of heat. All the concrete and brick buildings were left pretty much intact while all the wood buildings were torched.

The idea that a nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima is “bullshit”, in the words of one of my favorite researchers into this historical fraud. The propaganda of “radiation” and its claimed extent and dangers was probably highly exaggerated if radiation existed at all. According to a scientist researching into some of these anomalies, he stated: “It’s worth emphasizing that radiation can’t be seen or felt, and therefore is ideal as a subject for obfuscation and lies.” The city of Hiroshima was fire bombed and all the evidence indicates this is the case. The same goes for the nuclear test on the Bikini Atoll. And it looks like even relatives of Japanese fisherman (“Lucky Dragon” and probably a planned incident) want a piece of the action. Bet the Bikini Atoll blast was bullshit too. They probably had several hundred tons of high explosives on that ship knowing Admiral William Parsons background in ordnance. In the second video clip, Captain William Parsons, who was then at the Bikini Atoll faked nuclear blast, is interviewed who was part of the crew on the Enola Gay. It was William Parsons who armed the nuclear weapon before being dropped on Hiroshima. Look at the interview closely and look how carefully it is being scripted. Note how he looks away from the camera at something that has attracted his attention at the end of the interview as if saying “will this work”? Parsons refers to the “tar-“, then quickly states “Hiroshima.” What did he mean by “target”? Why didn’t he say Hiroshima to begin with?

Atomic Bomb Blast at Hiroshima August 6 and 9, 1945

Interview of Capt. William S. Parsons, US Navy, crew member on Enola Gay