Japan’s Obayashi Corporation projects for a space elevator but there is a “simpler” engineering idea

A few posts back, I put up some information on how Japanese engineers have proposed a space elevator. It seems now the idea of engineering a space elevator to reduce costs of placing objects into space, is picking up more interest with theoretical models being discussed. Japan’s giant construction company, Obayashi Corporation, announced in 2014 that it plans to build an elevator into space by the year 2050. Obayashi Corporation projected the elevator would reach 96,000km (59,652 miles) into space (for reference, space lies beyond the Kármán Line, at an altitude of 100km, the International Space Station is 330km, and the moon is 384,400km from Earth), and use robotic cars powered by magnetic linear motors (maglev, as seen in high-speed rail lines around Asia and Europe) to ferry cargo and humans to a new space station. However, as science fiction as that sounds, or maybe even impossible, the latest theorizing about a space elevator seems to be a simpler project as the video below discusses. The coming economy that seems to be evolving suggests that the next decade will be a serious transition into space with 3D printing as the manufacturing base.

Space Elevator – Science Fiction or the Future of Mankind?