The destruction is not from radiation from Fukushima but from careless fishing and greed

Having done some scuba diving around Japan and in the Philippines, spent some time reading the thoughts and opinions of scuba divers on a public board looking for any information on the effects of radiation on reefs, ocean environment, and the different species of fish. Couldn’t find anything on radiation. There is a lot of good material from sources who are in the ocean observing what is going on and it isn’t radiation from Fukushima doing all the damage. Since I also am having doubts about any radiation contamination purging off the destroyed nuclear reactors in Fukushima as to lethality, it turns out that the destruction of the ocean and species of fish is not from radiation but from overfishing, careless fishing and greed. After viewing a few videos linked below, keep in mind that since the 1970s, populations of some commercial fish stocks, such as the groups including tuna, mackerel and bonito, have fallen by almost 75 percent. That is according to a study by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). The fish are not able to reproduce as fast as the oceans are being carelessly fished. Here is a quote from one source on the reason for all the destruction going on:

Fukushima is not destroying the oceans, something else is.

If you want real feedback about what is going on in the oceans, go straight to where those who are constantly seeing it are talking about it. There is some chaff mixed in, but if you read around the world’s largest scuba forum, ALL agree that it is overfishing and careless fishing practices that are damaging the reefs and ecosystem, which has unpredictable results and can wipe out an entire reef just because a needed species of fish (whatever it happens to be) got wiped out, which then allowed another species to explode, overpopulate, and wipe out other species in a chain reaction. A fishing boat seeking one species of fish can trigger the death of an entire reef. Fukushima has nothing to do with it.”


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  1. You are conflating completely unrelated observations in a strained effort to make an unclear point. As usual.

  2. Yes as a matter of fact, I see trituim everytime I look at the lume on one of my pre 1993 Rolex Submariners or Sea Dwellers. Not dangerous unless you powder it and inhale it.

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