Report suggests that the bluefin tuna have been fished to commercial extinction

Did a post suggesting the reduction of fish in the Pacific Ocean and the alleged destruction going on particularly along the northwest coast of the United States, is not attributed to radiation contamination from Fukushima, but rather from greed and over fishing. Here is another article to suggest the same but only this time suggesting the bluefin tuna has almost been fished to extinction. This is the biggest reason I don’t eat sushi from tuna. Can this news be depended on for accuracy about the decreasing tuna population? I don’t know but seems to be consistent with the studies I have read from organizations like the International Scientific Committee for Tuna. There also appears to be a lot of tuna poaching going on where after the tuna are caught, the fish are transferred for shipment to ships that are not identifying the catch they are carrying back to Japan. Anything wrong with a little self-restraint when going into a well known sushi shop where 80 percent of the world’s tuna catch is consumed in Japan?


The Bluefin Tuna Population Has Dropped 97 Percent Due to Overfishing, Report Says

April 20, 2016

Sushi fanatics should know that their favorite Pacific bluefin tuna is nearing commercial extinction.

Recent data shows that the population of the popular sushi fish has declined by roughly 97% from its historic levels due to overfishing. Scientific assessments by the International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like species in the North Pacific Ocean found the current “unfished” population to be at 2.6%, a drastic decrease from the already low 4.2% in a previous estimate.

Even with help and management of fisheries, the chances of getting the population back to a healthy level is only 0.1%. According to Time, reducing fishing by a fifth would increase that likelihood to 3%. Director for Global Tuna Conservation at The Pew Charitable Trusts, Amanda Nickson, declared:

“The situation is really as bad as it appears.”

In certain regions, fisherman disregard the conservation warnings and catch bluefin tuna at three times the level thought to be sustainable. Nickson believes that drastic measures may need to be taken if change isn’t made soon. She said:

“If those managers again fail to act in a conservation-minded way this time, it may be time for other actions, such as an international trade ban or complete fishing moratorium.”

The country with the highest consumption of Pacific bluefin tuna is Japan where 80% of all bluefin tuna harvested worldwide is eaten. If the population of fish falls any more, sushi lovers everywhere may have to make do without their favorite tuna.