Would it be entirely possible to just leave the whales alone as a sign of respect?

Returned from a trip yesterday being gone for a week. Where I visited allowed me access to the ocean and the magnificent creatures that live in the ocean including whales. While away, I spent time on one of the most beautiful and clean beaches I have stepped barefoot on and there have been many beaches I have been on in my travels including beaches along the Persian Gulf.

And the Japanese continue trying to convince the world whale hunting brings an economic benefit for Japan’s economy. Okay Japan, can you possibly just leave the whales alone? Your country doesn’t need whale hunting to survive, the Japanese don’t eat whale meat and your politicians in order to stay in office, promote whale hunting as an industry to keep fishermen employed. It is time to source different ways to make a living.

Incredible Whale Encounter – Mother Gray Whale Lifts Her Calf Out of the Water!