The social pressure to be thin has apparently “gone too far” in Japan

Another disorder to hit young women in Japan is eating disorder in which it is being reported thousands of young Japanese girls are being manipulated by mass communications and the media to be thin. This puts them at risk of being singled out for not conforming to “standards” of beauty being imposed on them on what physical appearance should be. Did not know the Japan Society for Eating Disorders existed with this organization claiming “the health system in Japan is failing hundreds of thousands of sufferers”. Nothing about better personal standards or self-restraint is there in Japan?

It appears the pressure being placed on girls in Japan to be thin has “gone too far”. Again, we see the government stepping in to see what it can do to bring assistance to girls under pressure to conform to beauty standards which means staying thin at all costs even at their expense of their health. The government says “it’s trying to set up more services and has tried to discover the extent of the problem”. Does anyone actually think the government would step in to end the aggressive advertising in Japan that dictates these standards of beauty including the media, magazines and advertising? That isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Young Japanese girls despise being “chubby” and this leads to all kinds of psychological disorders from being bullied to feeling guilty about eating.

Fear Over Eating Disorder Care In Japan


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