Three business trips to Qatar and the country’s campuses go full Islamic radical

I'm in the back seat of a GMC truck being taken to the airport by one of the son's if the Emir of Qatar.

I’m in the back seat of a GMC truck being taken to the airport by one of the son’s of the Emir of Qatar.

Last year went to Qatar on three separate business trips to represent corporations from Japan to sell Japanese manufactured products like fire extinguishers, scaffolding, heavy equipment, Kobe beef, high tech freezers and resin used to manufacture large aquarium museums. The Japanese man I partnered with turned out to be a talker representing himself way beyond his actual ability after he met one of the sons of the Emir of Qatar by coincidence on a visit to Qatar. This son turned out to be the black sheep of the family, and although extremely wealthy, wasn’t capable of facilitating for us the required introductions to begin sales of Japanese manufactured products in Qatar.

Planning business meetings for the day over breakfast looking down over Doha, Qatar.

Planning business meetings for the day over breakfast looking down over Doha, Qatar.

On my third trip to Qatar, ended up going on cold calls on the streets of Doha to generate business because the Japanese man who represented himself as well connected and capable of facilitating business turned out to be a bullshit charlatan. It turns out, if you don’t have the backing of Japan Inc. to conduct business in Qatar for Japan, you won’t get anywhere. After three trips I was not impressed with Qatar at all having been stopped at an intersection for 30 minutes in 47C heat while waiting for the royal gas fuck of Qatar to pass through the intersection in his motorcade. The following article I found interesting because of my experiences in Qatar having sat in on business meetings with some powerful people in Qatar. As it turns out, a friend of mine who is a direct descendent of Benjamin Franklin, had the same experience as I had in Qatar and tried to warn me off but it was too late. It will be interesting to observe how much Japan tolerates Qatar considering Qatar is where Japan receives most of its LNG from. Basically, it’s a kiss ass arrangement for the cheap energy source.

Source: The World Post

April 29, 2016

Hate Preachers on Qatar Campus: Obama Gives Qatar Undeserved A+ on Fighting Incitement

“Kill the infidels… Count them in number and do not spare one.” Blatant religious incitement of this sort feels like such a caricature of radical Islam that it borders on the implausible. Yet it is happening right under the noses of six prestigious American universities on their satellite campuses in Qatar.

Although this incitement violates a prominent pledge by Qatar’s government to the U.S. administration, President Obama gave Qatar’s Emir Tamim a free pass on the issue after they met in Riyadh on Thursday. Their one-on-one meeting was on the sidelines of a U.S.-Gulf summit, following which the President signed onto a joint communique that said America “commended” the Gulf states for their efforts to combat terrorism. Among these, it praised “actions by Gulf partners to counter ISIL’s hateful ideology and message, and more broadly to counter violent extremism.”

Yet there can be no more pivotal component to the Islamic State’s hateful ideology than its call to murder infidels. Thus, even if President Obama has chosen to give the Qatari regime an undeserved A+ report card on combating religious incitement, legislators who represent these public and private American schools must urgently speak out. Similarly, conscientious students, faculty, and other community members at these schools should spread the word and stand up in opposition to this dangerous new development on campus.