It turns out to be rather simple to lift a fingerprint to break into someone’s smart phone

If you’re a foreign permanent resident of Japan returning to Japan from a trip abroad, you know that when you go through customs you are electronically fingerprinted and these fingerprints go into a large data base. Japan isn’t the only country fingerprinting travelers; the US also fingerprints everyone coming into the U.S. at all customs check points and these finger prints also go into a large data base. Security in many buildings including in banks and public buildings require finger prints to verify identification before entry is approved. Smart phones also require the fingerprint of the owner for access to use the phone. I thought only people arrested for crimes were fingerprinted? Now it turns out that fingerprints can be heisted by anyone determined enough, reproduced on any one of a number of different types of materials which would then allow that person to access security or use someone’s smartphone. Here’s how it’s done:

How to fake a fingerprint and break into a phone