Shinzo Abe directs the vassal state of Japan to support the UK not breaking with the EU

Brexit is the possibility Britain will exit the EU with Japan’s Shinzo Abe chiming in that any break from the EU by Britain would jeopardize investor relations with Britain. Does Japan have any real credibility considering the current economic circumstances unfolding in Japan? If anyone would like to watch a video as to just how ludicrous Shinzo Abe is towards Britain not leaving the EU, witch this clip here. I swear, the Japanese don’t have a creative bone in their bodies. Of course, Shinzo Abe will support Britain’s elite from not breaking from the EU since Japan is basically a vassal state of the Anglo-Americans. Brits will go to the polls for a referendum on June 23, 2016 to decide whether or not Britain will break from the EU. As a “vassal state” of the Anglo-Americans and Japan’s central bank under the guidance of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the European Central Bank (ECB), in one sense, Japan is being economically blackmailed: either cooperate with central banking monetary policy or lose markets for Japanese manufactured products in Europe, Britain and the US.

Much of this is also connected to the TTIP and TPP trade agreements which many Europeans see as an American economic occupation of Europe, or as Paul Craig Roberts recently stated: “TTIP is American economic imperialism”. This was made apparent by alleged leaked documents referring to the fact that TTIP is complete corporate take over. Japan is also confronted with the fact that under the TTIP and TPP trade agreements with the US, Japan’s entire agricultural sector especially beef production, would be completely compromised and unable to absorb the competition. How exactly would a “break of the UK from the EU make investing any less attractive” for Japanese investors? Most of the Japanese investors are institutional and not individual investors. Maybe Japan’s corporations operating in the UK and in the EU would become leaner and more competitive if the UK broke from the EU?

Source: BBC

May 5, 2016

EU exit would make UK ‘less attractive’ to investors, says Japan’s PM

Mr Abe made his comments during a joint press conference at Downing Street

The UK would be “less attractive” to Japanese investors if it votes to leave the European Union, Japan’s prime minister has said.

Shinzo Abe said Japan’s business sector saw the UK as a “gateway” to Europe.

The UK will go to the polls in a referendum on its EU membership on 23 June.

Matthew Elliott, the chief executive of Vote Leave campaign, said he did not accept Mr Abe’s “do as I say, not as we do attitude”.

Mr Abe – who made his comments during a joint press conference in No 10 with Mr Cameron – said Japan would rather negotiate a trade deal with the EU as a block, rather than “individual states” in Europe.

He also said Tokyo would be paying “very close attention” to the outcome of the EU vote, adding that more than 1,000 Japanese firms had invested in the UK, creating 140,000 jobs.

‘Lack credibility’

However Mr Elliott said Japanese bosses argued that the UK would be diminished if it didn’t join the euro “so similar warnings about the referendum further lack credibility”.

Japan “would not accept the huge loss of control Britain has suffered because of our EU membership,” he said.

“The EU has a terrible record negotiating trade deals yet we’ve handed power over our trade to Brussels and that’s on top of the £350 million we pay the [European] Commission every week,” he added.

Mr Abe’s comments echo the sentiments expressed by US President Barack Obama during his visit to the UK last month, when he said Britain would go to the “back of the queue” for trade deals with the US if it votes to leave the EU.

At the time EU exit campaigners said his comments were “hypocritical”, saying the US would never enter into an arrangement that reduced its sovereignty.