Economic vampirism: Quantitative Easing (QE) has caused inter generational theft and a real estate ponzi scheme

Governments around the world including Japan’s government through the Bank of Japan have been printing money with crazed abandonment called “quantitative easing” and they have printed so much money that it is percolated into a very large asset bubble. Since 2008 when QE took off, global housing has become an asset class and this is not good for current and perspective buyers of housing. This has turned into a giant ponzi scheme or inter generational theft as reviewed in the following video. Pay particular attention to the unfunded social liabilities and then think about Japan’s current economic circumstances. This funneling of wealth from the young to the old is especially problematic in Japan. Japanese youth better get busy reclaiming their future before it is stolen from them.

Economic Vampirism – How Boomers ROBBED Gen X (& Millennials)