Japan’s laws on obscenity make no f–king sense and the vagina-shaped kayak by the “good-for-nothing girl”

Megumi Igarashi's vagina-shaped kayak

Megumi Igarashi’s vagina-shaped kayak

The Japanese artist who apparently 3D scanned her vagina to make a kayak in the shape of her electronically scanned vagina, has gotten off the hook but was fined ¥400,000 (US$3,700) for breaking Japan’s law on obscenity. Megumi Igarashi 3D scanned her vagina and then took that design using it to shape her colorfully “decorated” kayak. Igarashi who goes by the alias Rokudenashiko, or “good-for-nothing girl”, was arrested in 2014 after the kayak sculpture was displayed at a sex shop in Tokyo. Who ratted out Igarashi? Japanese “law makers” (male dominated hierarchical pseudo-feudalistic society) make no sense to me and neither do its obscenity laws. There are junior high and high school aged females in Akihabara hustling Japanese men for paid dating with many ending up in small hotels for sex and the Japanese government is fucking concerned about a vagina-shaped kayak? Wonder what would happen if I slid into Megumi Igarashi’s vagina-shaped kayak?

It is worth noting Japan’s strict obscenity laws prohibit public displays of genitalia, however, during fertility festivals throughout Japan, replicated steel phallus symbols are extensively used in festivities. Notice they are mostly steel dicks used in these fertility festivals which seem to be accepted over replicated vaginas in Japan’s male dominated hierarchical society. Worshiping dick and not the vagina in these fertility festivities? Can’t have fertility without one with the other. This would only happen in Japan’s male dominated society where this female artist is arrested for designing a vagina-shaped kayak. One wonders what would have happened if Megumi Igarashi designed and built a kayak shaped like a giant phallus?


Source BBC

Japan vagina artist cleared over kayak model but fined for data distribution

May 9, 2016

Megumi Igarashi Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi smiled outside the Tokyo courtroom after being acquitted

A Japanese court has found an artist not guilty for displaying a kayak based on the shape of her vagina.

The judge ruled that Megumi Igarashi’s brightly-coloured kayak sculpture did not immediately suggest female anatomy.

However, she was fined 400,000 yen ($3,700) after a judge ruled that she broke the law by sharing data from 3D scans of her genitalia, which could be used to recreate the shape of a vagina.

Igarashi, 42, who goes by the alias Rokudenashiko, or “good-for-nothing girl”, was arrested in 2014 after the kayak sculpture was displayed at a sex shop in Tokyo.

She was charged under obscenity laws for displaying the sculpture and for distributing the data behind it to those who donated money towards its creation.

On Monday, a judge decided that the bright colours and decorations applied to the kayak sufficiently disguised the origin of its shape.

But the data, despite having no discernible shape, could be used to faithfully recreate Ms Igarashi’s genitalia using a 3D printer, and so was obscene, the judge said.

Ms Igarashi’s fine was only about half the 800,000 yen penalty sought by the prosecution.

Japan’s strict obscenity laws prohibit public displays of genitalia.

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