Japanese graffiti artists: Here’s an alternative to going out mucking up concrete walls in your neighborhoods

If anyone has been in Japan along enough riding the trains, walking around neighborhoods, through parks and driving out and about, the amount of graffiti sprayed on any partly obscured steel shuttered store fronts, or any available concrete walls becomes apparent. Close to where I live, there is a large park running along a river and during the day there is hardly anyone there using the park except older Japanese playing tennis. Towards the end of the park a large concrete retaining wall stands about four meters high that can be seen from anywhere in the park, so naturally it was targeted by graffiti artists a couple of weeks ago. The graffiti wasn’t art, it was just a lot of characters both in English and kanji that made no sense except to the graffiti artist, or artists. So here’s the deal graffiti artists, sit down at your computers and play this graffiti stimulator instead of going out at night to muck up concrete walls. This way you can stay inside on your computers and we’ll even throw in some hip music for you.

Kingspray Graffiti Simulator – Playback – Dank