Get your children on Pokemon as soon as possible, it’s the only way to take them digital with lot’s of friends

Before the digital age and Pokemon showed up, how did children who moved start making friends by breaking the ice between them? I guess without a digital Pokemon making friends might be a lot more difficult. If you move to Hawaii with Japanese children, make sure you buy them the new Pokemon. In the ascendency of our digital world get your children a Pokemon and they will fit right in. Then they can ditch scholastic studies and begin their digital gaming at an early age. The earlier they are digitized the better off they will be in life. Without a Pokemon children, forget it, you will never fit in to your new surroundings. With a Pokemon mothers, be assured your children will be happy and secure in their new settings. And remember mothers and fathers, if you don’t buy your children the latest Pokemon, your children will be ostracized from the group or worse, be considered anti-social.

公式】『ポケットモンスター サン・ムーン』ジブンを超えよう。#01