Kenneth Franklin Shinzato strangles, stabbed then placed Rina Shimabukuro’s body in a suitcase to discard

Kenneth Franklin Shinzato

Kenneth Franklin Shinzato

Alright, well, here he is: Kenneth Franklin Shinzato. This guy strangled then stabbed Rina Shimabukuro, according to his own confession. He then apparently placed Rina Shimabukuro’s body in a suitcase then dumped it along a highway in Okinawa. At first by the name of Shinazato, he was thought to be Japanese-American, but it turns out he is a black American using his Japanese wife’s name. His family name is apparently Gadson. This incident is going to cause an absolute shit storm in Okinawa. Good luck Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, you and your embassy staff are going to need it as well as the general staff at Kadena Air Base.

Good going slick, you just totally demolished US foreign policy in the region and destroyed Japanese-American relations. If you aren’t executed enjoy your long prison stay in Japan.

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3 thoughts on “Kenneth Franklin Shinzato strangles, stabbed then placed Rina Shimabukuro’s body in a suitcase to discard

  1. What do you expect from a country that gives convicted criminals a choice between prison or the military? And a country where for many, military is the option when they have failed at everything else? In my country, Denmark, we have mandatory military service and all of us are trained to represent our country while abroad. We are trained in languages and in how to behave in an intelligent and diplomatic way. It is part of our countries soft- diplomacy program.

    • AudiRS6,

      You seem to be a bit misinformed. The U.S. used to give youthful offenders a choice between jail or the Military, however that stopped in 1974, and has not been permitted since that time. Additionally, it was only used during the Vietnam war for non-felony cases that were non-violent. I know this because I came in the Marines in 1973.

      You also seem to be misinformed about the training to represent our country. Our military (Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines) are all given courses in culture and how to be respectful towards people of other countries before we are sent to another country, and other training in languages so we can better communicate with our host nation citizens.

      Unfortunately, there is always a few individuals that slip through the cracks and as with any country there are criminals that go undetected until they are caught.

      This very small percentage of the population makes it horrible for the rest of us who do respect others. This is unfortunate, and something the honest and respectful people in the world have to deal with, if they are the direct victim of the crime or just other individuals associated with the same demographic as the criminal. Actually, there are many victims of this criminal, and they are not all Japanese, or Americans, of females, or males, of children. They are all human beings, including the criminal’s intended victim, her family and friends, the local Okinawans, the honest and respectful military, civilian, contractors, and their families, many of whom are Japanese of half Japanese, and please don’t forget the criminal’s Okinawan wife and child, who are also victims of this horrible crime.

      Personally, I hope this criminal never again sees the light of day, but it will never bring back Rina Shimabukuro, or ease the agony her friends and family will feel for the rest of their lives, or the agony his wife and child will probably carry for the rest of their lives.


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