In some instances tattoos can be highly erotic on females and often macabre

Not being a big admirer of tattoos but yet recognizing that for some people, tattoos are a large part of their existence and expression as a human being. There are a lot more Japanese people including females who are tattooed than most people would ever know. As a male, viewing a female with a small delicate tattoo of a small butterfly on her inside thigh is highly erotic, like the image of this Japanese female. What male can look at this image and not have an erotic thought while viewing it? Probably a few but I can’t. The tattoos were done by the tattoo artist known as Gakkin who is apparently well known with his studio located in Kyoto. I have never liked full body tattoos and could never comprehend how people would have their entire bodies covered in this type of “art”.

Gakkin’s work includes black cherry blossoms, ravens, severed heads and war demons – Japanese tattoo artist Gakkin “experiments by incorporating macabre elements into his tattoos, turning them into delicate and beautiful works of art”. Gakkin is known for combining eroticism with beauty. Some of his tattoo work is posted at Instagram. Gakkin is best known for free hand tattoos without using templates but rather drawing the art with a ball point pen on the skin then inlaying the ink.